How to choose a video surveillance system


Surveillance Kit (HF) - a set of ready-aleents involving their joint work, and thus have completed in full compliance specifications (fully compatible equipment). Usually consists of a video recorder, camera, and a detachable cable elements, power supplies fasteners. The configuration and number of components can vary depending on the In progressemoy task. The main advantage of these kits is that the installation is carried out by the owner, without the involvement of specialized organizations. Besides, the price of the finished package is substantially lower components purchased separately. Depending on the installation location (usually the home, office, cafe, parking, parking, garageetc.) and the necessary requirements (quality, and a method for transmitting control data), the HF can be separated in separate groups:

1. HF on basic equipment:

  • DVRs;
  • video servers;
  • video capture card;
  • NVR for IP-cameras;
  • IP-video server.

2. CV for the proposed installation site:

  • street surveillance;
  • different rooms;
  • large areas;
  • Night video.

When choosing a CCTV system, it is necessary to consider several factors:

  1. Specifications working components (DVR, CCTV cameras);
  2. Execution cameras (street - BHmorning, wired - wireless, color - black and white);
  3. The presence of bundled cable and wiring products;
  4. Price and manufacturer.

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