How to deliver the goods from China?

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Everyone knows that China is now « more powerfulPWM manufacturer » and supplier of food products in Asia, America and Europe. Russia has a huge consumption potential and high business activity of entrepreneurs is constant and reliable business partner of Chinese manufacturers. You can: air, aavtomobilnym, sea and rail.  

Deliverythe sea

The most common method of delivery - ships in sea containers. Russia now has a lot of freight forwarding companies that are engaged in maritime transport. To form the request for betting on maritime transport in the freight forwarding company you need to know: inEU type of container, the name of the cargo port. Depending on the season and the cost of the container shipping line 20 ’ the average cost: $ 1600 - 2250, the container 40 ’ : $ 3000 - 3900.

Delivery by air

Also, you can deliver the goods and in the air. Air transport is a very expensive way to dostavki. This type of delivery is preferred when the goods to be delivered very quickly, and the customer is willing to overpay for urgency. The cost of air delivery depends on the following parameters: the nature volume and weight of the cargo, as well as the shipping conditions Chinese sender. Despite the high cost, in recent years, this method of delivery is becomingpopular among Russian businessmen.

Shipping by rail

Shipping by rail from China to Russia has been operating for a long time and is actively used by Russian transport companies. Such a service is an excellent alternative to air shipping and maritime container transport.

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