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Normally, when a housewarming or major repairs in an apartment, it all starts with the replacement of windows. And it is a very correct and timesclever, because lately become popular concerns primarily about saving money for heat. Therefore, plastic windows in demand in the market. Of course, not everyone has had time to change my windows, but can not rush?
You should know that in recent years has become a huge problemFirst the phenomenon of fogging the windows. The fact that sweat box, from the point of view of physics, a common phenomenon condensation, but it is not very pleasant for the finishing of windows, window air under, wallpaper and the overall atmosphere of the room. Anyone who has this problem, probably already adapted, not wanting to admit to his house cold. Or maybe it's still worth?

As mentioned, the windows are sweating because of the fact that the room is accumulated a lot of moisture.

It may appear not only in the bathroom or kitchen, but in the living room, bedroom, etc. Although, if you take a bath, there is always wet because water tends to evaporate. M in the kitchention is prepared food, for example, when something is cooked or boiling kettle, and even when we drink tea.
But where does the moisture in the bedroom? In fact, the problem in our physiology. When we breathe, we breathe a lot of air, including pairs. Scientists estimate that every day person exhales two kilosmoisture per- formed. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the morning you find a window in his misted state.
Why when replacing windows is not happening this result, which we waiting for? First of all, plastic windows are designed so that in winter it was very warm, and summerm, respectively, still the windows are open and airy. But manufacturers forget that making our windows are very durable and sealed, deprive us of fresh air in the winter, from what appear our troubles with fogging.
The thing is that the plastic windows did not pass dry air, asfor example, wood. A dry air, we need to avoid condensation and to the room ventilated. But as manufacturers have made sure that it was very warm, but forget about convenience, we have what we have.
Anyone who has purchased plastic windows, noticed that if you constantlyventilate the room, the moisture on the windows significantly smaller windows VEKA. Therefore, even in the most severe frosts do not be afraid freeze and ventilate the room. In addition, winter frosty fresh air will improve the overall atmosphere in the apartment and may even strengthen the immune system.
It has also become a popular buy pazlichnye tools that remove moisture. This dehumidifiers. The method of application is very easy: simply put a dehumidifier and it will accumulate moisture, which, depending on the design, or poured or thrown completely dryer. The disadvantage is the fragility of dehumidifiers and constant concernthe device.
Another way to regulate the humidity in the room - set up powerful heaters. They impede the process of accumulation of moisture on the windows, because they are constantly drying air at the window. For this method to become more effective, it is necessary to reduce the width of a window air for better revenue Hot Airear.
Now in the kitchen. That there was less moisture, it is necessary to use an extract. If it does not, then it is advisable to buy it and make active use.
The main thing that you prevent the probability of condensation on the windows. This is the main key to successful combat&Laquo; weeping » windows.

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