Mexico: Cancun.


Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a member of the Mexican state Quintana Roo and is located on the Yucatan peninsula in Central America. This famous resort beach is washed by the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, is leading resort throughout the country. Warm sand and bright sun during the 12 months of the year create the atmosphere, which hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world tend to plunge. The resort area of Cancun is a long strip of sand between the Caribbean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon.  There are numerous hotels for any taste and wealth, restaurants, entertainment venues and discos. Points of rental of equipment for diving and water transport are opened for guests of the resort. Hard to believe, but a modern city is located at a rather small area of ​​land, the whole infrastructure of which is mostly touristic. However, staying in this wonderful place is not limited by the beach or playing golf. The abundance of interesting excursion routes to historical sites around the resort and the entire peninsula, making vacation in Cancun, diverse and rich with experiences.

Even in the first half of XX century, Cancun was an obscure fishing village that does not stand out among the sea spaces. It rise began in the 70s. years of the last century when there modern hotels began to be erected and settle down the territory. The coastline of resort in its form reminds a seven (7), divided into two parts. First, a long strip, has the largest number of discos, hotels and restaurants. This area is considered the most diverse in the sense of exciting options for entertainment. 

Cancun, Mexico

Especially its revered by surfers because the waves here do not meet any resistance, creating excellent conditions for skiers gliding through the water. The band that connects Cancun with the mainland, and forming a beautiful lagoon, closed from the Pacific island of Isla Muheres, so the waves there are small. ​​Families with young children mostly rest in this resort area, because it is not too noise there, and excellent conditions for bathing babies are created. At the same time, all visitors are provided by easy access to the infrastructure of entertainment.

Taxis and route buses cruising between all areas and beaches of the city . The interval between the trips does not exceed 5 minutes, transport, walking round the clock, because Cancun never sleeps.
Among the beach activities in Cancun huge popularity has underwater ride on a  motorcycle - Submarine Bob, for those who have a passion for the underwater splendor and taught the basics of diving. They are transported on a catamaran to the nearest coral reef, and then, having dressed in the necessary equipment, and submerged to the seabed on this wonderful machine. Lovers of ancient artifacts can really enjoy the view of majestic ruins of Del Rey, located in Cancun. Fans of water walking can make a trip to the island of Comte, where live exotic birds. Local Aquarium offers for fans of the underwater beauties to look at the funny dolphins or swim with them in the coastal waters. In addition, in Cancun there are many souvenir shops, shopping malls and stores, allowing visitors to the city to enjoy a good shopping experience. For tourists who prefer outdoor activities, variety of night clubs, fitness centers and youth clubs are working. Among the hotels in Cancun predominate five-star luxury and comfortable four-star hotels, equipped according to the highest standards.

Cancun, Mexico

Excursion program offers a list of all possible routes, among which are the botanical garden of tropical jungle, farm for orchids growing and unique Bird Park, an amusement park "Shkaret", underground River Maya, an underwater park Shel-Ha and historical objects Chichen Itza and Tulum. On the Yucatan peninsula an entire scattering of natural and historical attractions are located, most of which relate to the Mayan civilization, which is so incomprehensible to modern science.

Cancun has a mild maritime climate with an average annual temperature of +28 degrees. The coldest month here is January, when the temperature at night can drop to the level of +19 degrees. Day temperature on average is +28 degrees. The rainy season here begins in May and lasts until October. Most travelers prefer to go to Cancun from November to April when the weather is stable, and the sky is not clouded with gray clouds.

 No wonder that Cancun is one of the most attractive places for beach rest on the North American continent. There are all necessary conditions for the great entertainment, and infrastructure and fine cuisine perfectly complement the modern look of the city. The amazing nature of the Yucatan peninsula, an abundance of ancient ruins, left over from the Mayan, the perfect conditions for diving, together with an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness of Mexicans, create a unique ambiance which makes Cancun so popular around the world.

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