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Antonov AI - studio staff, pictures and cards « Single Colorrtinki & raquo ;, tell us about the first Ukrainian publishing houses.

It would be unfair to consider the first two in Ukraine printing product of the local situation in Lviv and jail, in fact, the basis of printing houses in these cities was associated with the needs of socio - political and cultural movements throughout Ukrains. An integral part of the general rise of culture in recent decades XVI - first half of XVII century. naturally became the development and printing. In this area the most merit had the social strata and those centers that have been active in other areas of spiritual creativity.

The influence of the nature of the Ukrainian press had culturals flow, to develop not only in Ukraine, but also in the international context. Presumably, not by chance in the third quarter of the XVI century. the beginning of a permanent printing in a number of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the emergence of printers outside the region, aimed at his service. In Venice, while workingthe first known printer now - Bulgarian Jacob bead of Sofia, in Brasov (Transylvania) Deacon Kores started printing books in Romanian and in parallel with this printed edition as Church Slavonic. In T?bingen and Urach operated printing press Primoz Trubar, aims to spread the Protestant books (printed in CyrillicFirst, Glagolitic, Latin) among the South Slavs, especially the Slovenes and Croats. 1574 saw the light in Budishin first printed book Serboluzhskie language. Since 1575 in Ljubljana for several years worked as the first Slovenian printing house. In the third quarter of the XVI century. The beginning of publishing and a number of other cities in Central and Eastern Europe: Torun - 1568, Poznan -1577, Banska Bystrica, Trnava and is located near the Ukrainian lands Bard - 1577 - 1578, Riga - 1578, and so on. D. Obviously, it was comparable to the rate of aging of the objective socio - economic prerequisites of typography, despite the diversity of specific motifs activities printers . Were heterogeneous and societynnye layers associated with the first printing of various countries and regions 1.

The base of the first printing press in Lviv and jail comes at a time lifting the socio - political movement. At the same time it was a time when the enlightened clergy and laity involved in education became clear need to ensure that all churches CHURCHUPE - the liturgical books and to achieve a unification of the text of these books, which could not be achieved handwritten way. Needed is a printed book. It has become necessary at this time and for the schools, and to debate with those who are denied political, religious and cultural rights of the Ukrainian and Belarusian.

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