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The museum among many objects are stored as posters, informative and interesting their coveragesvayut chronological framework from the beginning. XIX century. to the present day. By the number of the collection is about 2.2 thousand. Items and has a great thematic diversity, highlighting the cultural, artistic, economic, political - ideological, sporting, scientific, festive, spiritual life of the country. A significant group of campaign materials, cf.the identity cards which can be seen to reflect developments during the Civil War of 1917-1920, the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, postcards, informing about the contribution of the Soviet people in the development of industry, agriculture, science and culture. Group "Posters, slogans" in the collection CHEM is more than 5.5 thousand. Objectsin topics and has a direct relationship with the political and ideological life of the country.

Among the collection of posters can be distinguished political posters published within a certain historical phases of the twentieth century. For example, among the 20 posters - 40-ies. stand the whole series, called the struggle against imperialism and bourgeois manifestations with itetsko - invaders, called for a partisan and underground struggle, sabotage at work during the occupation, a tireless struggle for the complete victory; posters of political satire; Posters 50's. aimed at raising the morale of the population to restore the state, contained political slogans - appeal to the peopletake part in the elections, to develop virgin lands, to boost the economic development of the country; theme posters 60 th -80 years. presented in the context of the industrial boom, construction advances in science, space research, elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, etc .. On the political poster affect the foreign policy of the state, in particular, coldth war.
In the 90 th years. - Early. XXI century. theme of the poster is moving away from the political ideology of the Soviet state, and there are signs of a new type - advertising.

Now and on plain paper almost everywhere, and she poster graphics, which appeared in the middle. XIX century. Originally evolved as a kind of commercial and theatrical riversLama (posters), and then began to carry out the tasks of political propaganda (posters).

The posters in the collection of the Kharkiv Historical Museum are part of the "Posters of the program." For a museum of historical profile poster itself is interesting from its information content. The group is a set of posters with the chronological frameworkand from the beginning of the XIX century. to the present day. By the number of this group is about 2.2 thousand. Items, but has great thematic scope, covering cultural, artistic, economic, political - ideological, sporting, scientific, festive, spiritual life of the country.

Consider poster available in chronological serialnosti decades of the distribution on the pre-Soviet period and the period after 1917. Thus we will be able to identify the relationship between the number of items relating to a specific period, and their content and meaning of events for public life. Most items in the collection belong to the pre-Soviet period, as well as to the period of 70 -80 - ies. Afishi pre-revolutionary period devoted to the activities of theaters, clubs, concerts, tours, conferences, competitions, parties, celebrating anniversaries. For example, the collection: the poster for 1906 decree "Martin Borulya" Ukrainian society of artists led by AK Saksahanskoho, the poster for the 1903 fourth exhibition of paintings Harjkovskih artists, which was opened in the building of the Noble Assembly at the Nikolayev area, the poster for the opening events of the airplane Grizodubova SV, July 1910 "...

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