Intensive German courses


AA Ivanov - the teacher will tellus about the method of studying the German used in the center of the German language "Berg".

The connection between theory and practice

Try to read the rules of each secured by performing practical exercises. If you do not understand the grammatical subject - be sure to ask again, do not Steciwnyaytes. It is better to sit for 5 minutes longer on a certain topic, what then through unclaimed return to it after a long time. Solve the exercises, because without grammar exercises to anything. Combined with vocabulary, does not distinguish between.

Notebook for grammar

Dictionary Separately, the departmentbut a small notebook, where it would be briefly recorded by hand or grammatical rules of the table. Can make a dictionary with constant phrase, ready to eat. There may be a form of greeting or farewell, but also idioms, or some words that just loved and which you would like more ikoristovuvaty.


Try to head to draw different pictures and tables, and not just stupid to learn the rules. Association, the parallels with the English may, and often with the Ukrainian.

Engage with multiple sources

Discuss withThe list of important sources for learning German.


Watch movies, TV shows, transmission nimetskoyu.Chitayte books, newspapers. Conversation vocabulary - or in the environment, or movies. Possible with subtitles first, you can download, because not everywhere. Just ask named in the searchs movie with subtitles. For example, will improve the understanding of the German nation as a whole, their traditions, customs and views on certain things. Begin to understand the language better by addressing the Germans, why, why. Even when quite-there's no time, you're still somewhere to ride or have dinner - carry with a dictionary and just to contradictTuva afford it. Do not learn if you really very tired, but can not afford simply to read. Visit our trainings and exercises, listen to radio, watch movies, videos, read books, communicate with others and never hammer into German, if you really want to learn.

Now, separately by type of work.

Listening, hearing

Listen to music all the time, radio. Audio books again movies and videos. When you listen to (if the initial level) - do not try to translate and understand 100% - attention is scattered, you are focused on how to understand everything accordingly do not listen very content. If you areymete 70% - it is very good. Try to make sense, and not understand every word. If the song - you can translate or map the original ready-made translation. And, again, work with the dictionary.


It seems that with hearing. If you just want to read a book and understand aboutwhat is at stake, read in general, not every word. If you want to actually read the book and improve German - read with a dictionary, discharge or inscribe the words in the book, usually in the books often repeated words, if you are already reload the word, then 5 times already will know it. If this test - read globally. Go back and watch youteaching of the Word, lest we forget. If there are strange grammatical constructions - discharge the proposals and show the teacher, well, or look in the net, what it is - to you at least have a clue what it is and what it eats.


Many new to say- Do not be afraid to speak. Make mistakes - everyone makes mistakes. Will be silent - only hurting yourself. Moreover, we are not at the university, stamps do not make, and with you all so much fun sitting who are afraid to say something. When you notice that there is no language barrier, and you're not afraid to say - I think what you say. Basic error: articles, andx declination, word order. This is basically what is found in beginners. Speak German immediately, without first Ukrainian head, and then translate. I work as a translator - translate very difficult, very different designs and systems used in the languages ??are very different from each other.

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