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Weaving in Ukraine - one of the oldest folk crafts. It originated in prehistoric times and spread almost all over the ethnic territory. The raw materials have long been used conventional fiber flax and hemp are also - and, of course, a simple wool. Until the twentieth century, ordinary peoplesThe battery provided directly weaving fabrics and village, and often partly city.   In some villages still keep the old tools and the ability to folk weaving. And these tools are inherited and transmitted from generation to generation.

Carpet weaving - a large branch of the usual Ukrainian weaving - survived its bolshoy rise in the days of the famous Kievan Rus; later - in the XV and seventeenth centuries. Carpets were decorated like palaces and estates of the nobility, and the simple rural houses. Often carpets easily served not only for the usual decoration and insulation of housing, but also performed the ritual function. According to the Christianization of its functions assumed the St. Paraskeva. On carpetsdepicting biblical scenes, keep the ancient pagan symbolism of space.

During the century of carpet weaving was created by a wide variety of techniques (rahivna, grebinkova, pile). In addition, for some reason got a lot of schools and entire areas of the national carpet (Hutsul, Dehtiarivska, Khotyn). Thus, Singlezhdy carpet is unique and different from all the others - depending on what will be the master, which schools and how it was developed weaving.

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