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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Understand exactly definitions of language - it's not exactly it means to live in it & raquo ;, - tells limestoneSingle Clarissa M. of such significant difficulties encountered often in those who simply remember their native language. She was born in Chile, is ordinarily resident in Australia and often says he feels small but fairly obvious delay in his speech when it is just talking in their native language. Having lived just outside beloved homeland35 years old, she was forced to re-examine it for a long time their native language, Spanish, which, « often buried deep in the subconscious & raquo ;.

Quite a daunting task is to study the language, because it is for most people to maintain free broadcasting is very difficult, it is often necessary continuous training. But stillare not all of the people, because there is unique that it can learn several languages ??at once, and such people simply referred to as complex enough word -.

Sebastian Heine is quite notable polyglot, a young German who became a genius of our time simply received awards « The Tower of Babel & raquo ;. That paragraph 35 languagesostig this fairly young, but very brilliant man, at 22, he is a student of the Faculty of Indo-Germanic philology, the study of languages ??can communicate quite freely, with no stutters, as it may happen with the polyglot who knows the language of 2-3.

Sebastian stubbornly rejects the status of genius, because he simply believes Thuon has a greater tendency to learn foreign languages. It is 7 years old, little Sebastian felt his attraction to the Greek, and later to the other not less interesting in his opinion languages. Knowable languages ??in the game he probably exactly what helped him reach such heights.

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