Cabbage - major vegetable crops in Ukraine

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Cabbage thanks to cold resistance, yield, excellent taste and dieticheskim quality is grown everywhere. In Ukraine, under the cabbage employs nearly 20% of the area of ??garden plants, enables the production of more than 30 kg of cabbage per capita. The most famous varieties: cabbage and kale blue. , Please visit

Cabbage - major vegetable crops in most districts Ukrainy where it takes 67 annually - 72.6 thousand. ha, or about 20% of the total area of ??just vegetables.

Cabbage often consumed fresh and quite often pickled. Furthermore, it is normally pickled, canned and dried. There are hundreds of recipes for cooking cabbage, which she usesXia as the main or additional component of fresh, boiled, stewed, etc.

Cabbage is characterized by a rather high yield, keeping quality, pretty good transported. When are often relatively low calorie (1 calorie cabbage kg on average 300-450 calories), it has a fairly high tastee quality and Owned good medicinal properties.
Cabbage - a valuable food product because it contains important for human body vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and mineral salts. Nutritional value of cabbage due to its low energy value and well balanced in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitaminsC, B1, B2, PP, and others, as well as carotene (provitamin A). Round cabbage used in fresh, boiled, stewed, pickled, pickled or dried as seasoning and as a separate dish. In folk medicine dietetics and it is widely used. Among other garden plants cabbage inferior to seasonal demand only PDMIdramas, but the demand for it is stable throughout the year.

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