Candy bouquet of flowers

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Once the candy and flowers were common and very touching gift. After all, "tobecome "something, and it was not easy. Now we already have enough sweets and flowers retain their lure. To stop the time for them can be combined in a familiar set of candy bouquet. Such a gift will not be ignored, because it is unique.

For the candy bouquets require different forms of candy, floral crepe paperdifferent colors (sold in florist shops, it is hard and does not lose shape), ordinary corrugated paper (for children's creativity), clear cellophane tape, adhesive tape, colored foil, trees' wooden sticks - skewers, tulle and a vase or basket, or other basis for the bouquet.

Bouquet form of colors (which wrapped conferTU) and auxiliary elements that suggest the core of the bouquet. or hide it.

For example, such:

In order to make such an element, it is necessary to take the cellophane. long with 1.5 turnovers candy and mount it on a skewer. little gathering. Secure the tape. Attach a piece of candy. Download -   tie the top of the ribbon.Okrut skewer strip (1.5 cm wide) light green crepe paper.

This arrow do so:

  • round candy cover with plastic wrap, and its edge presses to stick and fix tape.
  • From the color of the wrapping paper and cut a rectangle curl Fungtick. Check the diameter - fits or sweet and secured with tape.
  • We embed candy and fix the end Funtik on a stick.
  • stick wraps strip of green crepe paper.

Flowers in a bouquet can be different. Consider performedix of tulips, which are provided by "Tulips", which makes more than 40 varieties.


  • 20h12 cm strip of corrugated paper folded in half crosswise and round one corner;
  • Now, the upper edge should umyat five fingers. Smoothing wrinkles;
  • Now crack down the middle, creating a curvature for candy;
  • Now take a piece of candy, zamatyvaem in cellophane, as it did for the arrows, and wraps paper, fixing thread;
  • prune superfluous. Second strip cut into four pieces and cut the lowerth edge on both sides, giving the shape of the petals, and the top do wavy;
  • Now cheat each petal on the free wand;
  • and stretch your fingers in width (corrugated paper to this very useful);
  • We embed our bud with candyin petal and fasten it with thread. Now, half close the tab, attach a new and on this principle all four.

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