Language as one of the most important components of the nation's


The language is one of the major components that build the nation. Heaccompanies man since the early days of his life until his death, he develops together with society. It is not surprising that over the centuries, many scientists are conducting research on the discovery of the basic laws of development of not only the language as a whole, but also its individual parts.
Know the language - it means to own all of its structures andlovami. Therefore dictionary - this is one of the aspects of the language that should be taught in schools and universities. The question is, what words and idioms pupils and students should remember. In this regard, the words should carefully select - depending on the principles of selection of linguistic material conditions of teaching and learning a Second LanguageOn language.
Idiom occupy a special place in the vocabulary of the English language. Their specific structure and attracts great interest to scientists, on the other hand requires a serious analysis of the content and form of linguistic units. PL part of the culture of the English people, so you need to know and understand their structure and semantics are, in thethe fact that without the knowledge and understanding of the PL is very difficult to comprehend the national mindset of native speakers.
Expressions that are used in almost all areas of modern life. They are often found in the original works of classical and modern writers are widely used in the media and ineveryday speech.

For the study of vocabulary and phraseology of the English language dictionaries have been used such as "Words and idioms", L. Smith, "Dictionary of English idioms", W. Collins, "Phrasebook" AV Kunin, "." They contain the words specific to the semantics (idiomatic), as well as groups of words and sentences. Bsuch dictionaries are systematized, usually in different semantic groups.
Phraseological units can be classified according to the methods of creation, the degree of motivation, structure, membership in a particular part of speech.
A. Kunin FL classifies according to the process of their creation. He identifies primary and secondary methods creation of phraseological units.
The primary ways of creating phraseological units are considered ways when the unit is created on the basis of a free group of words, for example:
"A sad sack" - fool (Albi), "the winds of change" - wind of change (McMillan).
The purpose of research: to analyze the structural and grammatical features the phrasecal expressions of the English language, explore the distinctive features and classification of FD by VV Vinogradov and IV Koruntsem.
The object of the study is the grammatical peculiarities of phraseology in English, the photoluminescence of various origins, as well as semantics and methods of study.
Background is that phraseseologichesky Fund is an open system, because it is constantly replenished by the famous aphorism of writers, artists and scientists. Therefore, the topic though much studied, but there are still a number of issues that need to be considered in detail and explore.

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