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Pregnancy - this is probably the happiest time for a woman. After all,the emergence of a small child in the family is still quite a long process, but it is filled with happiness. So, still about the pregnancy, it's also time to start elementary elementary sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. But you can not overload the pregnant body, so any training should beat with small loads. It can beat sundeckszhneniya breathing, relaxation, to maintain muscle tone.

A consultation with a gynecologist is required before starting classes, because may appear a threat to your baby. And the purpose of such fitness is to be sure to save the fetus and the mother's health. these exercises, you can find nand site

Swimming - sport is a fairly safe for a woman in the state. It is perfectly able to help elementary relax, swimming often relieves pain. It also eases the burden on joints, strengthens bone system. A body just relaxes and more can andzbavitsya stress. Pregnant women need to be sure to swim only at a rather slow pace, in turn changing the swim and rest. It is better to swim breaststroke without diving.

Yoga - ideal in this situation, because   doing yoga can develop the ability to concentrate, learn breathing exercises, and thus there is noth religious load. Enough and simple postures, movements at the same time have to beat smoothly and easily as possible. However, you need to engage with the instructor.

Pilates and callanetics - will be much easier to carry the pregnancy, often helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, an order that reduces the risk of injuries happen during birth.

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