What is sterilization, what are its methods?

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Wipeoutany microorganisms in objects called sterilization. In this case, sterilization does not distinguish between helpful and harmful to our body microorganisms, destroying everything. Infectious forms and formulations require sterilization. You can buy phones for.

Sterilize There are different methods:

1. Mechanical method of sterilization;
2. Chemical method of conventional sterilization;
3. Sterilization with ultraviolet rays;

Mechanical sterilization method

The microporous filters pretty good selection helps with fluid in microorganisms, that this is such a method. Microporous filtry can beat made from kaolin, phosphorus, asbestos, collodion.

Chemical sterilization method

In this method, merciless destruction of microorganisms occurs quite often usually under the influence of certain chemicals or as antiseptics. This cresol, phenol, chloro ethane, but the chemical method Sr.ilizatsii hardly used at the pharmacy.

Sterilization ultraviolet rays

Ultra-powerful   rays have quite a good bactericidal action. In pharmacies, these rays are used for sanitation and disinfection of premises distilled water. As the source of ultraviolet raysuse microbicides and mercury - quartz lamps. High temperatures still used much more frequently in pharmacy practice. In this case, when a fairly high temperatures affect one or the other thing is needed in some procedures, microorganisms die in such treatment. This method is used very often as he would have already become traditionalth.

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