Montenegro - the pearl of the Balkans

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Montenegro - remarkably picturesque country. Not having a large area and excessive development of tourist Infraurs, it nonetheless boasts perhaps the greatest amount and concentration of natural resources. Clear waters of the Adriatic and the picturesque Balkan mountains, pristine forests, meadows and pastures, which make up 80% of the total population of the country, one of the deepest canyons of the world and a unique Mediterranean fjord ... Finally, the whole countryand was once recognized as one huge environmentally friendly natural park of Europe, which makes any vacation in Montenegro, which also wellness.

Despite the fact that the tours in Montenegro can be quite a different direction (from the pilgrimage to the ski), the most popular among tourists andMenno beach holiday in Montenegro. Kilometers of diverse beaches, beautiful sea and the sun, combined with moderate prices Montenegrin fully given to understand why.

In general, in Montenegro there are four resort areas, the so-called Riviera. Most popular - Budva: sunny and warm place forAdriatic coast. It includes such well-known resorts of Montenegro as Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, Milocer, Petrovac and Sveti Stefan - the island that has become a symbol of the whole country. A former fishing village, separated from the mainland by a narrow sand isthmus, today turned into a luxury island -The hotel - the only one in the Mediterranean. Thus, transformatsii incurred, almost invisible from the outside, so that here and to this day preserved medieval look and atmosphere of the city with all its cozy streets and small squares, old bell tower and tiny churches. And if the rest of the island can afford sobidalekone each (the cost of staying here at times differs from the average tseMr. Montenegro), the excursions from Sveti Stefan deny yourself not worth it, and close to the island, you can choose a hotel or villa with spectacular views at a reasonable price.

Regarding Budva - central and popular resort in Montenegro and one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast - itis one of those places where there will be entertainment for everyone, regardless of age and preferences. Resort city is divided into two parts - old and new, where the first impresses with its historical and architectural monuments, and the second - the number of a variety of recreational facilities that work here almost around the clocko. please visit

For those who want something a little more relaxing, can not not like such a small and cozy resorts of Montenegro as Petrovac, Rafailovici, Milocher or Becici. The latter, incidentally, is famous for its sandy beach, which was once voted the best in Europe and yet still remainis one of the. Actually, thanks to him, hotels in Becici are very popular and are one of the most comfortable in the country.

Finally, stay in whatever city did not provide your tour in Montenegro, in any case, you will be able to get acquainted with its sights and cities. After all, virtually every cornerand the country can go on excursions both on the mainland and islands. In addition, the unique and rich culture of Montenegro is almost the same « twist » country, as well as its nature and, speaking of her complement, if completing an illustration of what is actually called the "rest for body and soul", and for which costscome here.

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