The organizers of the postal service


Etienne Arago - General Director of almost. Reformed Postal Affairsand in 1848 introduced a postage stamp in France (Mark entered the   1849). his portrait is depicted on the French brand 1948.
Becton Walter - English philatelist. In 1931 he was awarded the Medal of Lindenberg. Known as the author of numerous works on the study of manufacturing stamps. Many times he was a member of the jury of internationalphilatelic exhibitions.
Bichon Henry - Chief Postmaster England 60 - ies XVII c. It is believed that he was the first invention postmark. The earliest date indicated on this stamp, - 19, and April 24, 1661 have circular stamp divided by a horizontal line (or no separation), the oval, the letters "B" or "E". MLtion of the two letters indicating the month and the second with Arabic numerals - day. Letter shtempelirovalos on each post office, therefore, it was possible to control all his way.
John Edward Gray - one of the first collectors of stamps.
Stefan Heinrich - Prussian postal adviser since 1870 - CEOquadrupeds mail the North German Confederation. In 1867, on his initiative, adopted the Law on elementarnoy postal service, which establishes a single postal rates depending on the weight of items, excluding the distance; initiator of the establishment (1874) of the Postal Union of 20 countries in Europe, which eventually turned into the Universal Postal Union, organizer etc.ervogo postal museum in the world (1872). Stand design for the stamp collection of the museum led by Karl Lindenberg. SA has released the first in the country (1870) postcards (the world's first elementarnie postcards shortly before (1 October 1869) was released in Austria). Portrait of S. depicted on stamps and postcards.
House of Thurn and Taxis - dynasty owners of private post offices in several European countries. In XV -XVI centuries. connection has been established Vena- Innsbruck Vena- Brussels, Milan-Venezia Vena- Rome, Brussels-Paris et al.. T. - and -T. joined the German - Austrian Postal Union, subsequently restrict their activities. In 1866, T. mail - and -T. stoppedtheir existence. From 1852 to 1866 was released 54 stamps, they indicate the name of the owners of mail.
Hill Rowland - English royal postmaster (since 1854), 6. V 1840 coined the world's first postage stamp "Penny Black". On one of the Belgian stamps depicts X., which considers children stamp collection.

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