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We know quite a lot of rules for bezopmeat and effective investment of funds. This article will disclose only the most basic and the most basic rules of investing money. These rules must be used for all areas of investment finance: purchase of shares, bank deposits, asset management or Forex PAMM accounts and property.
But Poweredtary rules, as well as many others, does not protect you and your money is 100% of the risk of losing their. Understanding when you need to listen to these rules, and when some can be neglected, comes with time and experience.

So, in order to minimize the risks of loss of funds when investing, try observingbe following the rules of investment.

investment rules

  1. Invest only in the one of whom you know well and clearly understand the scheme of his work. You must be sure to understand the principle of its operation, and sources of revenue profits. Before you make a decision aboutinvesting in stocks, be sure to check all the definitions, terms and documents required for transactions. If during the decision-making you do not have the required knowledge, it will be better to consult a brokerage company. The investment market is strongly influenced by many, both political and economic events. To besuccess in this segment you will need to constantly monitor the many changes in the economy and be able to predict certain situations;
  2. It is not necessary to invest, relying on one person's opinion. Analyze the situation personally and try to get some conclusions. Do not be amiss to get Konsultatsiyu professional in their chosen field. The ideal option would be a consultation with several specialists. You should also understand that some consultants may take place personal interests, which may be directed not to benefit you;
  3. You should never invest or make decisions under pressureit. In such situations, even the professionals can make mistakes. Calculations experienced broker or persuasion of high yield investment proposal should not push you to take hasty decisions. A good investor is obliged to maintain patience and forbearance until such time as the situation does not understand or does not consult with thethose who are trustworthy;
  4. You should never invest a last resort, especially detach them from the family budget. The investment market is always quite dynamic. You should always be prepared not only to the calculation of profits, but also to possible losses. Therefore, you should always calculate the adversepleasing outcome of events;
  5. Not on your nelly not invest credit or other people's money. If an investor knows that dynamically shares rising in price for a long time, then he may be tempted to borrow money or take out a loan for the purchase of high-growth stocks. But the price of shares may occur suddenly declining IssuesKey forecasts. In this case, you can lose not only private funds, but also other people who need to return. As a result, such an investor only shines bankruptcy.

As already mentioned earlier in this article, given the rules of investing do not fully protect you from the risks, but they still stick to the samedesirable to.

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