Extraordinary country Australia


Green continent, country of extraordinary beauty andstrange animals, country-continent – all of Australia. The country is firmly established on the top line of the rating on the level and quality of life of local residents. And this is very easy to verify – only 24 hours of flight and here it is Australia.

The country is also the smallest continent and the most polshim island. In the past, on the mainland was a penal colony of Britain, which were sent to punish thieves and murderers. Today, Australia – the country's most law-abiding citizens who revere all three of its official flag – Southern Cross flag, flag Torres Strait Islander and another – Aboriginal flag continental.

Australia has another name – Earth upside down. It is unusual, but the fact is – many things familiar to people in Russia take place here on the contrary. For example, in Australia the moon appears in the night sky upside down, in the north there is warmer than in the south, and from time to time, all the way around. Another fact protivopofalsities – right-bank part of the continent above the left bank, and water of ocean currents sweep clockwise. The familiar constellation for the Russians as Big and Little Dipper and Polaris generally not visible, but the sky shining constellation Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross.

And still call Australiacountry on the contrary, because winter a great vacation on the beaches and in the summer in the vast snow-covered ski resorts. In this unique and beautiful country, any traveler will find the suitable kind of leisure – you can go off-road vehicles and horses, cut the coastal waters, surfing or diving.

Australian cities

The biggest cities of the country are considered to Sydney and Melbourne, the capital of – Canberra has a population of only 300 thousand. man. Cultural capital of the selected Melbourne, Sydney and the city has a population of 4 million. People – card of the country.

Among the cities have one unusual – Coober Pedy. In this city, located in hot and desert area mined opals. Living in the city's population, which is 2 thousand. man cave – developed mines, furnished quite suitable for housing apartments with all necessary utilities, underground shops, churches and cemeteriesm.

Among the small resort town of Alice Springs is quite popular, it is famous for its « Desert Park & ??raquo ;. Tourists are offered to plunge into the world of safari and fly in a balloon. In the town of Byron Bay – climb into the sky on a hang glider, rainforest walk, ride a kayak in circlesenii dolphins. In the town of Broome offers to tourists vast expanses of beach length of 23 km, bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Visiting the park reptiles and farm where they grow pearl shells, bring new knowledge and experience. Wollongong City is famous Buddhist temples and museums, botanical gardens and a planetarium.

Most of the Australian population concentrated mainly in the big cities, but it does not interfere with the locals is great to get along with nature. Wild animals and birds in large cities (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, and others.) Freely and with no problems walking the streets.

Phi Islandllip Island

The most unusual and interesting island can be called Phillip Island. It is home to 5000 little penguins that sunrise leave the land and swim in the vast expanses of ocean waters. When the sky turned rays of the setting sun, the Penguins come back, leaving alone on the shore,and are waiting for the other members of their family. Once happy family gather, march waddling in burrows. For this spectacular action tourists can observe throughout the year, called the sight « Penguin Parade ».

. During the oil pollution of the sea in 2000, oil has washed most of the nrirodnogo fat covering the feathers of penguins for heating. People fear the death of birds from the cold, dressed in sweaters for their dolls.

Attractions Australia

Australia is rich in strange places both natural and man-made. Particularly well-known and popularStu enjoy the island Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu National Park open spaces, unusual world famous Sydney Aquarium and, of course, the famous.

Bright and beautiful sun, cloudless celestial heights, lots of huge and spacious beaches, gentle and warm ocean waves attracted to these places likeLei water sports. Vacationers will be happy to go surfing, windsurfing, diving, water skiing, go on a yacht on the water surface.

This is a wonderful country where the Christmas holidays (December to February) is in the middle of summer, and in the sky shines nearly 6,000 stars, servedrit a lot of impressions and will leave a memory for life!

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