Tallinn - a city that never ceases to amaze


Walking through the Old Town of Tallinn, is often near the interesting places to which the applicable phrase"Most-most".

Let's start with the city located in the Lower Church of St. Olav. For several centuries, its spire remained the tallest building in the world - 159 meters. The building was completed in 1500, in the years of the skyscrapers of steel and concrete has been heard to speak of, as well as the main working materialuse ordinary wood.
Much later to fix the value of the Church of St. Olaf, as it is called in the Estonian style, City Hall has banned the construction of higher buildings in the old part of the city.

Continuing our walk, find ourselves on Town Hall Square - a place which is considered the heart of any medieval Europof the city. The attention of tourists attracted a magnificent building of the city Rata, and again it is the "most" - this time the most preserved Gothic magistrate in Northern Europe.
Hall tower crowned by a weathervane figure of a boy - Thomas. Do not like? Pioneers 80 easily recall that it was here climbed robo-boyt in the last series of the cult Soviet film "The Adventures of Electronics".

When viewing an interesting development the Town Hall Square, find ourselves near the nondescript building in its western part. At first glance, it's just a pharmacy, but, nevertheless, it remains the most-most: in this case, is the oldest of the existing, pharmacies in Europe. First savedenie mentioned in the chronicle of the city in 1422.

For nearly six centuries of Tallinn residents come here for the drugs from a variety of ailments. Of course, the proposed range dramatically changed - and today, the pharmacist will not offer you of dried snakes from a headache! Nowadays they replace some or Ibumetin Citramon andin the 15th century, in addition to medicines and ointments, the pharmacy sold a variety of products - there was paper and ink, and candles, and even French cognac (that in reasonable doses, this drink is very useful guessed already in the Middle Ages and modern research confirms this fact). By the way, for a sufficiently long period, AptianESA has the exclusive right to import duty-free brandy in Tallinn.

But the most curious discovery lies ahead: it turns out, it is in these walls was prepared very first marzipan.

Most of the tourists when asked about his homeland goodies called Austria or Germany. And, learn surprised that sweetness andh almonds and sugar was first prepared in the Estonian capital.

By the way, a pharmacy in this story appears no accident: the legend, cure disease druggist ordered a wealthy merchant of the city. Pharmacist same prihvornuvshy himself these days, ordered to make medicine his apprentice, who tried their best. And to cookedthe drug was pleasant to taste, add the pounded almonds and honey. And although the sweetness is not cured by the merchant disease, so she relished that the next batch of the ordered sale.

We add that the name of the boy was March - hence the name marzipan, which translates as " March bread. " Today, Tallinn sought to fortifyit glory parent beloved by many goodies, and the marzipan is one of the business cards of the city.

That came to an end our walk on. Ahead of us are waiting for new meetings and surprises that are so rich in this wonderful city on the Baltic coast.

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