How great it is! The opening of the Olympic Games Sochi 2014

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So we waited! That started it –the long-awaited and so necessary to us - XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014.
It is unlikely that anyone will argue with the fact that the beginning of the event was a big deal! The Great and the opening ceremony of the XXII Olympic games do not leave anyone indifferent, struck by the breadth design and implementation of art.
In contrast to previous ceremonies OlympusIBP, the Russian show began with the passage of sports delegations headed by outstanding athletes participating countries of the Games. Presidents and their spouses, royals, heads of state and prominent athletes welcomed the passage of the last standing delegations.
What kind of wonderful people in the stands and the stadium, joyful, happy, with reliablyFirst look forward acute wrestling, exciting fights and, of course, wins.
Each delegation was accompanied by the beautiful girls in the high hats, elegant dresses, eye-catching. They carried signs with the names of commands. Once on the platform appeared the Russian Olympic team, the stadium roared welcoming our team.Designers have tried to fame and dressed up our athletes. In embroidered coats, traditional Russian earflaps, known around the world, with cockades and embroidered top, in white sweaters and scarlet tights our participants looked great and in a special solemn. The whole stadium stood welcomed our athletes.
From the passage of our team exudedsome Reigning, majesty and … hopes. Yes, yes, hopes …
In the stands, Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, Dmitry Medvedev, outstanding sportsmen Galina Kulakov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Boris Mayorov, others.
The general jubilation and enthusiasm were gathered evidence the fact that the Olympicsvery waited, not only the organizers and athletes, but also the fans and the entire population of our country. Proudly hovered over the stadium Russian tricolor.
Filled to overflowing with the rise of the stadium and met glee start of the Olympics, the expectation of the main events – removal of the Olympic flame.
danced Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, livelyface, shining eyes betrayed impatience and expectation. Among the guests of the Olympiad camera pulls easily recognizable faces: N.Bestemyanova, Tikhonov, Olympic champions, the pride of the Russian sports.
There have volleys of fireworks and music bright lights and spotlights shine.
There are symbols of the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi: Bear skating, skiingand snowboarding leopard, white 8 meter figure bowed to the audience and skated to the applause of the audience.

movie clips with remarkable Russian actors showed a colorful saga of the construction of the Russian state, the major milestones of Russian history. Flashed Face Bondarchuk, Dyuzheva, Knightley, Nikolaev, other actors. Inso constructed as Russia – like that built the Olympic venues!

The music is playing Stravinsky and Russia in the form of a bird-troika rushes forward into the future, their victories and achievements. Delicate and weightless, she rushes rapidly, with boldness, are valiantly, as noted by Dmitry province. Over the country there is the sun, which in its heat topit ice and snow that fetter the country, melt and disappear. By freeing up space clean water moves miracle Yudo fish whale – built domes and churches of Russia.
Around the churches glittering crowd of people: merchants, nobles in high beaver hats.
And here is a miracle - there is a girl – Love.

FormedFair booths on the square, colorful, bright, like Christmas decorations rotate the carousel. Models of animals. Clowns, dancers, acrobats and gymnasts, actors jumpers and other characters arrange holiday celebrations on the fairgrounds.
But moving figures begin to be transformed and suddenly go up domes Orthodox symbolsRussian land.
And on the square again solemn mystery unfolds: the figure waving long sleeves boyars clothes, everything is moving, fun and rejoicing people.

But here on the sea waves appears frigate commanded by Tsar Peter the Great . Breaking waves moving towards, proudly marches fleet Peter from east to west. And I selllzhenie construction land by sleight of hand Russian tsarist Peter I come marching drummers on Fore plan fortifications. This tsar's troops on parade in St. Petersburg. These bursts of firing guns drawn and the whole extravaganza filled with smoke and roar. Thunders famous Russian « Ur & raquo ;.
Headorazhivayuschee spectacle attracts viewers. Rostrum silent and in silence in the stadium, on an improvised stage played one of the most famous episodes of the novel Tolstoy « War and Peace » - The first ball of Natasha by 400 artists ballet theaters. This production was made a remarkable choreographer Radu Poklitaru together with UkrAin choreographer Alexander Leshchenko.
The beauty and splendor of the dresses! Himself master of the art of ballet V.Vasilyev as Count Rostov, Davydov as Bolkonsky and Svetlana Zakharova in the role of Natalie for the wonderful music from the movie Sviridov « Snowstorm & raquo ;.
Guard officers circling elegant ladies in a waltz, and against this background, developingfeelings Bolkonsky and Natalie. Highlighting the central figures of the action takes viewers from the sports arena on the theatrical ballet platform high luminous column.
And dance your dance luxury, delighting audiences high jumps Ivan Vasiliev, hussar-rake, fire eater, notebook philanderer, the image of the hero of the War of 1812. And whirl … whirl … whirl & hellip ;.
This segment show called « Imperial Russia & raquo ;. This appearance of Peter the Great, the march of soldiers, the construction of St. Petersburg, the first ball of Natasha and the end of empire.
Smelled ice cold from the wonderful music from the movie A.Zatsepina « Red Tent & raquo ;. Russia is a war going on andfrost war and thick snow, flying with dark blue almost black sky sweeps all … Ends the 19th century and a new era … ..
She rushes to the stadium to music G.Sviridov « Time, Forward & raquo ;, many years sounds like music to screensaver daily newscast « Time & raquo ;. The stadium appearsed steam locomotive in the style of Russian avant-garde 20-30 years. Revived technology revolution, rebellion machines and music show in the victorious irresistibly moving forward. Werth gear wheels rotate and time inexorably pushing forward the red Russia. Yes I Am. It is red and it is unstoppable. Like an avalanche rolling it moves inexorably. Floating Scaffoldmetal girders, a parade of machines, machines animated theater recreated the era of the revolutionary avant-garde art. Mechanistic mystery in which people and mechanisms create a new future. Combines, trucks and dynamic music, increases energy events unfolding on stage. While pushing forward construction of communism in the whole oschuschaetsya suspense new, bright future! But here the noise of cars gradually subsides, the applause and cheering spectators roar out of the darkness starts to appear grandiose construction site. In the air, floating slogans of the Soviet era. Astronauts, police moving vintage cars, marching pioneers, rocket scientists and modelers –Here are the new symbols of the Soviet era. Joyful Soviet music cheerful march support people. Soviet times - is a time of hope, daring, aspirations forward. Over the ranks and columns flies Youth symbol: the head boys and girls, and the symbol of the era - the hammer and sickle. Uncle Stepan (Nikolay Valuev) grand gestures manages DWIzheniem these cars moving on the site of the stadium.
The next scene: a hurry young people with books … But in their regular life bursts roar of jazz and there are dudes dancing rock and roll.
As from the ground begin to grow high-rise modern buildings. Discern new construction: Moscow State University, Ostankino TV Tower. And, of course, the Sovietsport, began his winning pace on the planet. Sound Moscow Nights, whirl happy wedding couple. Young people with strollers fill the streets of Soviet cities.
And in the sky again the soul of Russia - a girl named Love - continues its flight, flying in their naive childhood dreams. And the red ball out of her hands slowly rushes up, ashI have these dreams are getting higher and higher.
Beautiful, solemnly and sincerely. Probably about that many more will write, remove, correspondents all media reflect in their reports from Sochi. But we saw it all this way!

Thomas Bach, Chairman of the Olympic Committee, and President and CEO of Sochi 2014 Russian D.Shevchenko go to the podium, opening XXII Aboutlimpiyskie Games in 2014.

The Olympics should bring people together, this sports festival unity of all who appreciate a man! Athletes the best representatives of their countries – the best among the best.

But the fabulous opening ceremony of the Olympics continues. On stage with rotating light. The music of Tchaikovsky « Lebedinogo Lake & raquo ;. As the angels in the dark light waving its wings. And to them rush rays of light from all sides. Rises Dove of Peace – symbol of the Olympics.
Carrying the Olympic flag carried 8 famous Russians and great athletes actress Chulpan Hamatova, chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra, the director of Mariinskogo Theatre Valery Gergiev, Lidiya Skoblikova, Olympic skating champion, Anastasia Popova, the star of Russian journalism, highlights his reporting what is happening in the « hot spots & raquo ;, Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, Fetisov – two-time Olympic champion, now a senator of the Board of FEDERATION RF, film director Nikita Mikhalkov, a champion of computer games « Alan & raquo ;.
Among those present Mutko, Zyuganov, Luzhkov and other famous figures. Apparently, there gathered all the Russian elite.
And a minute of silence - all ready to lift the flag. To the sound of the Olympic anthem gets the whole stadium singing and wonderful AnnaNetrebko. Flag of the XXII Olympic Games slowly rushes up to the flagpole. Yay! Russian flag proudly fluttering flag of the XXII Olympic games over the stadium!
All, of course, interested. And who is this blonde right of Vladimir Putin? No reply. Komments know how to say educated people in the West. So you learn not from us but from the tabloids. We're withoobschaet news only on clean, high and beautiful. Oh, how good is this song pouring over sports arena.
Athlete Trenet and judge Ruslan Zakharov on behalf of all athletes give Olympic Oath.
Vyacheslav Vedenin on behalf of all the judges gave the Olympic Oath impartial performance of judicial duties in a truly sporting spirit.Anastasia Popkov on behalf of all the coaches and team support staff gave the pledge of allegiance basic principles of international traffic.
Once again, running lights colored with stadium. Ilya Averbuch put colorful ice composition: skaters move in five concentric circles. A sky electrons move in their ellipticalorbits. In visual ranks appear here and there bright light shapes, symbols major sports.
And then, finally, the apotheosis of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games! The stadium appears Maria Sharapova, who rushes forward with the Olympic flame in his hand and passes it to Yelena Isinbayeva, two-time Olympic champion in the pole vaultm. That, in turn, pass the torch to Alexander Karelin, Greco-Roman style, which often was the standard-bearer of our Olympic team in previous years. Alexander passes the Olympic torch Alina Kabaeva, champion, MP. And further - our famous athletes Irina Rodnina, renowned Russian figure skater and Vladislav Tretyaku, the best hockey goalkeeper of the 20th century. They are the greatest athletes – symbols of the Olympic movement in Russia and around the world, and the glory of godrost Russian and Soviet sport. Irina and Vladislav run past the cheering participants opening ceremony and lit the Olympic flame. Fiery stream rushed up and high in the sky in the bowl broke waspsmainly torch. The final journey of the flame of the Olympic flame passed under the suite Stravinsky "Firebird". In the sky above "Fischt" thundered deafening fireworks. Hit up the fiery fountains and a dazzling light show lit up the streams of fire all around. Fireworks hit in the dark sky Sochi, illuminating the sea, the city and all the Olympic venues.
Sports Festival kicked off. XXII Olympic Games in Sochi open. Such beauty: iridescent balls dazzling fireworks and cheering spectators mingled into one festive event. Above the town splashing waves of colors and music, merging together.
Flamestrike dominate the area figures - XXII. Olympics withtartovala!
The heart is filled with pride and joy for our country, our sport and many thanks to those who prepared us for this grand and colorful holiday.

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