Failure of the on / off button in the iPhone 5s


Probably many of you havethat eventually fails on / off button in the iPhone 5s. The symptoms are obvious enough. Some people just stop button operate despite the fact that tactile works fine: there is a characteristic clicking sound and the return of the mechanism, but not the expected reaction. There is a second example of symptoms: Knopka on / off, while maintaining all its tactile characteristics starts to work at first when you press the button zboku, and eventually ceases to respond to touch.

The consequences of failure of the on / off button in the iPhone 5s

says SemenovVitaly - Engineer of the Moscow service center Apple « AppsGRADE & raquo ;: "Despite the fact that the procedure for replacing the loop is rather complex, it is, nevertheless, not fatal. But all is not turned smoothly. Interestingly, customers who we were asked after similar repair in other service centers complained that they had after such repairs.And they complained about the significant deterioration in the microphone. They noticed it mostly because of complaints about the sound quality of the interlocutors. After testing such devices, we really notice a significant deterioration in the quality of sound transmission. If you talk to a man who had a machine with such a defect, then you would have heard itvoice muffled with frequent pulsations.

investigate the problem, we found the following. In fact, the loop is a microphone that is responsible for the noise canceling function and record sound when shooting video. Recently, a lot of loops defective. And with microphones, which are equipped with the audio on the audio codec with a significantbubbled curvature. Therefore adiokodekom sound is processed correctly and as a result it affects the quality of the voice of the owner device during a call.

Microphone cable for the power button (off) and volume control buttons

First, we have sinned in the microphones, they say, they brACOM. But after we moved the problem on several loops known good microphones with original cables, which has failed on / off button turned out that the problem is not in the microphone, and a set of elements arranged in a line. In short, the Chinese remain true to its traditions: sell quality zapchasti.

In addition, there is another factor, because of which may be the same problem. I think every artist who has been repairing iPhone knows that extra parts in its design does not happen. But for some reason, a lot of this elementary rule forgets. And when, for example, replace the plume volume buttons andon / off switch does not notice that the faulty loop sometimes glued sound guide. And, as a rule, mix it with a damaged train. If you put a new loop of the sound without the effect will be the same as through a defective train. That is why some of our customers who come back to us for repair button cris OFF / OFF had problems with sound.


In conclusion, I want to say that now the situation in terms of quality components is very bad. Many suppliers other than marriage is nothing. The following delivery, as experience shows, there is little that can change andfind quality parts more difficult. Therefore, the situation here is not very good. On the one hand, the problem could be solved by simply watering the microphone, but after that your videos will be dumb and will not work the noise canceling function. Therefore, it is not an option. On the other hand the problem can be solved, it would seem, to replace the damagedOn the original loop, taken with other iPhone 5. But in this case, after a while you will give up the same on / off button. Therefore, it is hoped that some of the suppliers will solve the problem of shortage and will sell quality parts ".

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