How to safely buy an apartment in the secondary market

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Most people buying an apartment withcompletes the purchase of the most serious in their lives. It is therefore important, so that in the future do not have to regret the money spent. So how to buy an apartment and do not become a victim of fraud?

Buying an apartment on the secondary housing market

Let's not touch the market apartments in new buildings, it's a very dorogo most people, unfortunately, can not afford it. Let's look at how to buy an apartment on the secondary housing market, what we must first turn our attention to and what documents are needed in this case. If you decide to purchase a new home, decide how you are going to do it: through an agency or directly from the Seller. DoEach of these methods has its significant advantages and disadvantages.

Buying an apartment without intermediaries - directly from the Seller

In the newspapers and on the Internet there are a lot of ads where someone sells apartment. Even if all at first glance seems simple: people are good, and all the documents in smackingorder - the catch may lurk in some detail. And then the risk of homelessness and money increases significantly.
If you decide to negotiate without intermediaries, we recommend that you necessarily prokonsultirovatsya with a lawyer. This will save in the future not only your money but also your nerves. And the probability of being on the street, to live with relatives significantlydecreases. According to statistics, about 90% of unsuccessful shopping and housing fraud occur precisely at the time of purchase without intermediaries and professional assistance.

Realtor firm

If you are afraid to get into trouble, or do not want to deal with buying their own apartments, we have a lot of real estatefirms that are waiting just for you. Services such offices are usually from 5 to 12% of the cost of housing. For the average family amount sufficient weight, but at the conclusion of the purchase contract is a risk that you « got money & raquo ;, significantly reduced. Working with a realtor, be vigilant.

In the contract onproviding services pay attention to a few things:

  • Remuneration Agency (amount or percentage);
  • Does the agency remuneration expenses for the search of property (if the agency you to search for an apartment);
  • Does it describe thesituation where the agent could not find you suitable accommodation;
  • Does it describe all your requirements for future apartment;
  • spelled out whether the size of the penalty in the event that you refuse all offers.

Warning !!!

Be vigilant andAlways ask if you do not understand something. Note : how much money you risk losing and how difficult they were given to you.

Comment lawyer:

- The first thing to do if you decide to buy a house, contact a qualified, at least pre-consultativetion. But it is better to lawyer controlled the operations throughout the entire process. Buying an apartment - rather specific operation with many nuances. Now even help may be counterfeit.

Who landlord

  • incapacitated person can not sell your apartment. Such information is in the orgAnahita guardianship of residence Seller;
  • It is better not to conclude an agreement with someone who is registered in the substance abuse and mental hospital. Such a contract can be successfully challenge;
  • It is dangerous to buy an apartment in humans, in which poor health. Execution of documents forymet few months, and when the seller dies - you will lose the deposit and do not buy an apartment;
  • If the seller sells an apartment by proxy, then ask him to meet with the real owner.

What is necessary to look into buying an apartment by yourself:

  • On the personal documents of Seller only in the original;
  • Learn how frequently apartment bought and sold. If people are not detained, it should alert you. Talk to the neighbors;
  • « Do not get fooled » the price. If an apartment bought too cheap,it increases the risk of challenge the contract in court;
  • Do not buy an apartment, which was the subject of judicial « shootouts & raquo ;;
  • If housing were inherited your dealer, check to see whether the new owner has fulfilled all documentary formalities.

Pomeshamb buy a home may be the following situations:

  • Seller lost personal documents and papers to the apartment;
  • The apartment registered seller relatives. Write them out is very difficult;
  • After BTI unauthorized redevelopment.

Well, if you can not buy a house, you'll like renting an apartment with a monthly payment. Well, look at the price and the actual rent a property from the owners, please visit "Federal Service Check" ().

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