Why you should visit Kenya?


Have you been to Kenya? Is this in Africa? It's scary there! All my acquaintances, whom I am trying to tell about my vacation in Kenya, look at me in the same way — in amazement. In the minds of most of them, Kenya is an extremely poor, dirty country, and in general... Kenya is really poor, but the people are wonderful. Most of them are blacks, though. Our tourists are just discovering this country, so information about Kenya on the Russian-language Internet had to be collected bit by bit. And I really want to fill this gap at least a little. So in the near future there will be many notes about the preparation of a trip to Kenya and the rest itself. Next, we'll look at 5 reasons why you should visit Kenya. Well, the editor of the Pinpaya website will tell us about it.

5 reasons to visit Kenya:

  1. Lying on a snow-white beach. The shores of Kenya are washed by the Indian Ocean, which can be reached from the capital, Nairobi, very simply, quickly and cheaply (I will tell you exactly how later). Remember the famous Bounty ad? The Kenyan coast is just that. True, there are no hammocks, but palm trees, delicate white sand and an ocean of magical blue color are in place.
  2. See wild animals in their natural habitat. In terms of the number of tourists who come to Africa on safari, Kenya shares the palm with Tanzania. For more than twenty years, wildlife lovers have come to this country to get to know its diverse wildlife. Animals are already accustomed to cars and are not at all afraid of them.
  3. Drink exotic fresh juices. The most popular juices in Kenya are mango and passion fruit juices (there seems to be no Russian analogue), milk + avocado cocktails are often found. A large glass of natural vitamins costs 70-150 shillings (1-2 dollars).
  4. Take a break from civilization. When was the last time you spent your day without surfing the Internet, without turning on your computer, or watching TV? With a strong desire in Kenya, you can not break away from civilization, but is it necessary? Forget about the world wide web, rest your body and soul. The body will be grateful to you.
  5. Well, if you want to have a good time with the local population. To be honest, Kenya is a very popular sex tourism destination in Europe. On the coast, you can often find international couples: an elderly man with a black woman or a woman of Balzac age with a black man. Everyone looks happy.

In fact, there are many more reasons. Dive with dolphins, kiss giraffes, eat shrimp and fresh fish, try crocodile meat, buy an armful of roses for some dollars, turn into a mulatto under the hot Kenyan sun.

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