Why do you need an essay?

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Essays are such a genre of writing. An essay implies creative freedom. This is a reflection on what we have heard, read or experienced. An essay is written in his free style and on any topic. An essay can be of a historical-biographical, literary-critical, philosophical or popular science character. The content of the essay primarily evaluates the personality of the author - his worldview, thoughts and feelings. The essay is offered as an assignment not only in international schools. In some higher education institutions, entrance exams are taken with the help of free essays. Generally essay writing is a requirement of many international educational programs. In some European universities, students are admitted only on the basis of an essay competition.

Essay style: what you need to know?

The style of the essay is different: imagery, aphoristic, paradoxical. The essay is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expression: metaphors, allegorical and parable images, symbols of comparison The essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains: unpredictable conclusions, unexpected turns, interesting connections. intonation and vocabulary. Specificity of the essay genre The essay title is not directly dependent on the topic: in addition to reflecting the content of the work, it can be a starting point in the author's thoughts, express the relationship between part and whole.

The free composition of the essay is subordinated to its own internal logic, and the main idea of  the essay should be sought in the "colorful lace" of the author's reflections. In this case, the problem raised will be considered from different angles. If an essay on a literary theme should be dominated by a rational combination of the analysis of a work of art with one's own reasoning, then in an essay the author's position is clearly expressed. If in a traditional essay, the individual characteristics of the style and language of the author of the essays are welcomed, then in the essay, the individual author's style is a requirement of the genre. If you want to say something of your own, new, non-standard, then the essay genre is your genre. Try, create, perhaps it is in you that the gift of a great publicist is hidden.

The questions in the essay are given in order to make it easy to assess the characteristics of your thinking, creativity, enthusiasm and potential. The best way to achieve this is to write directly and frankly, remaining honest with yourself. If you're not being honest, chances are your writing will be considered unnatural.

History of the genre

To begin with, a small reference from history, namely, we propose to return to 1580, when for the first time the French writer and philosopher Michel Montaigne published a book, which he called Les Essais (French "essai" - sketch, attempt, test). In his "brainchild" the writer made each chapter as if unfinished, deliberately emphasizing the lack of structure or plan of the book, leaving the readers room for conjectures and pushing them on a certain topic and thoughts related to it. What, in fact, is the main idea of  the essay - to encourage thought. Essay writing is useful for developing a clearer and more competent formulation of thoughts, and is also closely related to the ability to work with literature and sources, which will undoubtedly help in many areas.

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