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Citroen C- Elysee – French sedan that   recently appeared on the roads of Ukraine, but took his among classmates. This car has, one might say, an amazing ability to attract extIman person. It is hard to find among all presented in this vehicle class,   at least one that could compete with the appearance of the Frenchman. Even his brother concern Peugeot 301, which   built on the same platform, going with the same components at a plant in Spain, inferior to him in the exterior.

Features Citroen C- Elysee

According to the overall size comes out of class B and class C is approaching, and many include the car to Class B +. He has nSimply phenomenally large trunk. About legroom rear passengers already legendary and his number, this car on the right compared with the executive class.
Not only appearance, is A distinctive feature of this car. French engineers, will try to meetbe waiting almost any category of buyers – like car cheaper to move in an urban environment and leisurely trips to the countryside, please you Citroen C- Elysee with a gasoline engine ofbemsya 1.2 liters. If you need a more dynamic ride, Citroen offers car with a gasoline engine of 1.6 liter. You want to get the maximum from the car and saving power, then for you there is a diesel version of Citroen C- Elysee with the legendary engine 1.6-liter HDi.
Separately want to dwell on the corrosion Body treatment   this, a car that is galvanized and has a 12 year manufacturer's warranty against rust.

Owners Club Citroen C- Elysee

We have created in Ukraine club owners Citroen C- Elysee . In the vastness of the club, you will find all you are interested in infor-tion for this car. You can view all presented in Ukraine vehicle modifications, choose a color scheme, define the optional equipment available for this car. But most importantly you will be able to communicate with those who already operates the car . In our forum tooe have many different technical solutions that enable further improvements car . If you become a member, you will get the opportunity to use the affiliate program, getting discounts from leading stores of Ukraine for different groups of automotive products and services.
In the forumThere is a section logbook, this section owners wishing to leave information about your car, cover all the events that have occurred since their C- Elysee during the operation, describe that they buy for a car that was improved, what the fuel consumption under various conditions expwith supervision and more.
Another remarkable feature of our club is to hold regular meetings mates. Even if you are not the owner, but only intend to buy this car , I advise you to   attend one of these meetings in the city. None showroom you will not getite the information with which   Happy to share with you at the meeting, the real owners of the Citroen C- Elysee . &Nbsp;

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