What to do if you spend a little time with your child?

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Today in the lives of manyx modern successful people ranks first career, professional accomplishments, personal success. In pursuit of all of this you can not see how our children are grown, and how little time we spend with them.

Many problems between parents and children are based on a misunderstanding of each other. In Odien is not the day, always busy parents can face the fact that absolutely do not know their child – what he is interested in, what they think, what they like, and what his dreams and goals. You earn a lot, buy everything you need for his child to fulfill any of his desire by magic? This is Terminatedclearly, but our time can sometimes be more expensive for children and more valuable than any gift. What to do? Cease to work less? It is unlikely that you will succeed in – previously set the pace of life is no longer possible to change to a more calm and measured. However, in this situation there is a way. What do parents who have almost no?

The time you spend with a child

First of all, remember: the main thing – not the amount of time, giving the child, and how you spend it. And sometimes 15 minutes frank talk or play together much more valuable than the whole day aimlessly presence next to each other when one ofNima their business.

The active participation in the life of a child

Second, actively participate in your child's life. Even if you can spend the day with him so long, your child must always feel the presence of their parents in their lives. Keep it allx endeavors, know all about his hobbies, hobbies, school affairs, information about friends. Be modern parent, which can easily be able to distinguish Barbie dolls from the Wings, buy a tablet and install him as toys, and educational applications.

Usevarious means of communication

Third, actively use various means of communication. During the working day is almost always possible to find a few minutes to learn, how was school football game your son, or your daughter's dance lesson. Those children who are already using the computer, you can give the addressyour e-mail address in order to enable them to write you a letter, share their news, to complain about any problem, and even ask for help with school assignments.

do not promise what you can not do

Fourth, do not let those promises that are notwill be able to keep. It is not necessary to feed the baby eternal « & raquo ;, breakfast otherwise it may cease to trust you. Take time to answer some candid questions, talk on sensitive topics.

Do not wipe out his guilt gifts and shopping

And, Nakhonu do not have to drown his guilt complex gifts and shopping. Your offspring can get used to the eternal feast, when all his whims executed immediately, as soon as he thought about it, and nothing good will come of it. A particularly sensitive children may still harbor resentment for the fact that instead of the 15 minutes of personal contact, you gave him aertoletik or house for dolls.

And most importantly, do not forget about the importance of tactile sensations for everyone. Recommended 8 hugs a day are vital to your baby to feel needed, important, and most importantly loved for their parents.
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