Tourist information: How to choose the right hotel


Hotels is one of the most important components of any vacation. If you do not want to make your stay at the hotel turned into a real torture and incessant quarrels with local guides and support staff, then you need to teach him to choose. Here from the very first you should have a good nodgotovitsya. You need opredilili to how much money you can spend on Hotels, and most definitely with some requirements that are required for a comfortable stay. Let us look at what points you need to check with the hotel manager or representatives of travel agencies, then to not be disappointed.

How much is it and how many stars?

The question is obvious, but at this point it is worth paying attention. Quite often, Hotels do discounts on various occasions. May also be a rise in price of hotel rooms, for example, when in holiday or major event. So even if you znaethose usual price of hotel rooms, all exactly will not be superfluous to clarify its value at the time that you are interested in.

The power supply system?

A lot of hotels in the total price include breakfast - this system is denoted by "BB". If the food in the hotel twiceday - denoted "HB" (half board). 3 times a day - is marked "FB" (full board). On most popular beach resorts such a system as "all inclusive" (all-inclusive). Here, breakfast can be either continental (when he served in portions on the table and are often not rich - you navryat to succeed fill podobnіm feels full breakfastm) or it may be a buffet. Lunch and dinner can be prepared on the menu or it may be all the same buffet.

How are your number and what to nemest convenience?

It will be good if you know what area of ??the hotel room, whether there is an individual tonditsioner, refrigerator, mini-bar and, if this is important to you - whether located in a room with shower or bath?

What in the hotel there are additional services?

You may also want to know: what sports and entertainment venues are located on site, what services are provided complimentarybut, as for what and how much to pay, whether in the hotel restaurant and bar, and while they work.

Location of the hotel

"Good" Hotels location - a subjective concept. Some tourists want to get out of your room and be on the beach, and othersugim better to live in the city center. Then if govorito European capitals, then you should learn how far from your hotel is a bus stop or subway station. Some want to live in a quiet hotel in a quiet side street, and the other podavayshumnuyu area overlooking the main attractions.

The process of saseleniya

How big is the distance from the train station or airport to the hotel? Can the receiving side to book a transfer? What time is check in. The most recent issue will be alive when you come into town in the morning, since most gostinnits settling occurs at noon. In that case,if in the hotel have free rooms - hotel managers often go toward tourists and allow them to settle before. But often for this service you can take 30 - 50% of the room. All the same applies to the eviction.

Questions really need to be able to set. And do not hesitate - shake the representatives of travel agencies etc.of the total, because to ensure your trip is their direct responsibility. However, autonomy, in this case does not hurt. For example, before the trip is best to buy a map and study it carefully. So, at some resorts close to the best hotels railroad passes and run: for some, it is not a problem, and other similar sosedsTVO spoil the holiday. In urban areas, for example in Prague, under your window can take the tram tracks. And in Helsinki in the heart of the city for a couple of years, as there is a very large-scale construction and it interferes with guests tranquility most popular hotels. With all of this hotels are forced to reduce prices, and tour operators, in turn, use the momentm and offer good facilities, but the construction of the window, which starts from 7.00 to 23.00, and continues to say somehow "forget".

Most of the tourists afraid not believe the stories of tourist brochures and managers that show showmanship. Here you can help review Otherx tourists, you can find various tourist sites and forums. But reviews must be treated carefully. Often tourists who about the same time were in the same hotel reviews written completely different. However, if you compare the information about the hotel from the booklet reviews seasoned guests, you ckoree likely to find exactly what you're looking for.

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