7 types of bags that have to have every man


Real men need different types of bags depending on where he's going, what carries and who will meet him along the way. The same applies to all accessories, including shoes and watches. You need rotation, if not a full collection. With that in mind, below we present all the stylish types of bags, which to buy next trip to the store. By the way, in the online store https://optomarket.com.ua/ you can buy in bulk.



He, like sneakers and baseball caps is one of the most coveted shopping in the last decade. He has the most versatile design in our list. Depending on your lifestyle this can be a smart backpack for daily walks, a reliable companion for practicing universitete or training.


tote bag

Being somewhere between a briefcase and a backpack, a large bag roomy enough to put smelly sports equipment or portable hard drive etc. It has a versatile design (it can be a shopping bag, beach or work bag, or all in one).


Bag of the day

It's perfect for keeping a neat capsule wardrobe and Essentials for travel. But she should not lie under the bed between trips. It can be used as a hybrid work and athletic bag.



There is a stereotypical image of a British gentleman in the hat-the bowler hat, which somehow simultaneously holding an umbrella, a briefcase, a newspaper and a pipe. Admittedly, this is a somewhat outdated concept. Nevertheless, the leather briefcase is still relevant. The robust portfolio is the best friend of city worker. It's smart and practical, and if you buy a good model, it will last you a lifetime.


gym bag

This durable bag is needed for the delivery of your towels, spare shoes, expanders and protein to the site of the sports.


crossbody Bag

This is probably the most practical everyday bag in this list. If you don't carry a laptop or a dumbbell, then this accessory, which was formerly known as bumbag, it is ideal that the majority of us could carry phone, keys, wallet.


laptop Bag

This bag is not only necessary to protect your computer, it also can be used as an extension of your image. Selection of stylish bag for your laptop can help to complement your outfit or even to brighten a dull office outfit.

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