Blood group diet (1,2,3,4): the essence, features

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American doctor – naturopathPeter D'Adamo has made a real revolution in the field of dietary food and fight obesity because they were first found a reasonable explanation as to why some people lose weight on universally recommended by physicians veggie diets, but for others, they are useless and even worsen the state of health.

Diet for blood group - what is the essence?

It turns out that all ingenious is always simple. All people are different and different from each other not only in appearance, but also a variety of biochemical parameters, especially blood group. It turns out that different people, according to their blood groupgenetically incorporated different digestibility of the same products.
That is, some people learn well the meat, while the other is immediately stored as fat; someone loses weight rapidly on vegetables, and someone, despite suffering hunger, weight stubbornly standing still. In all, as explained by Dr. D'Adamo to blame blood .

1st blood

So, initially, allpeople on Earth were the first group of blood. As they were hunters and eat only protein food (meat animals), their digestive tract was ideally suited for its processing. In people with first blood, and now the majority of which in the world (about 33%), high acidity of gastric juice, you need to complete reprotein processing, so they never get fat from meat in contrast to the other groups.

2nd blood

Second blood , called vegetarian, came later, with the development of agriculture and the emergence of the diet of people plant foods. Holders of the second group of blood ideally learn vegetarian food, but very poorly digested meat and milk. They have reduced gastric acidity, so packotreblenie meat promotes the deposition of fat, and malabsorption of milk causes multiple allergic reactions and slowing metabolism.

third blood

The third groupna formed in connection with the domestication of wild animals, and the appearance in the diet of dairy products. People with a third group of blood Dr. D'Adamo called « nomads » - They are equally omnivores, compared with the previously described types, that is readily assimilate meat, vegetarian food and dairy products. Lose Weight representatives of tIPA is relatively easy, it is sufficient to limit the nutritional smoked, fatty and fried foods. Slimming them fit any carbohydrate or protein diet, and the results appear quite quickly.

4-I blood

The fourth group is the most rare (just 5% of the world's population) and young, combines the disadvantages of the second and third groups, so the blood group diet for them is the most difficult. For example, one and the same person may have reduced gastric acidity (as in the second group), and onetemporarily be adapted to use the meat (as in the third group). Therefore, due to its low acidity of the body can not digest the programmed meat consumption, which will lead to the inevitable deposition of fat.


Based on the foregoing, each personshould take into account their individual characteristics, inherent nature and maximize its benefits same data. Author diet claims that proper nutrition suitable for blood products makes miracles and cures as the most effective medicine.

For a suitable feeding people withbenefits to lose weight and improve your health significantly, the consumption of neutral products – it just gets the necessary energy and power, and the use of harmful food poisoning, aging and ill. Do not forget the words of Hippocrates, said many centuries ago: « We are what we eat » and eat wisely.

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