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Diet lyubimaya has won a large and well-deserved popularity among women seeking to lose weight in a short time. According to experts, this diet program, in strict compliance with all regulations and guidelines to help lose weight in a week to 10 pounds.

In addition, during the diet, along with weight loss is a dramatic change in the volume (and hips are reduced by 3 – 4 centimeters) and cleaning the body of poisons, toxins and wastes. This is because the fat reserves Being a kind of warehouse - a depot for storage of waste and toxic substances, for nohudenii leave our body with them.

The point favorite diet

is calculated, as mentioned above, exactly 7 days, and each day it should be a special menu, which must be strictly observed. In fact, every day is a separate mono-diet diet – One day pruktovy, one vegetable, one protein, three drinking and one combined day – out of the diet, which follow each other in a strict sequence.

1 day

The first day – drinking. On this day, as the name implies, it is necessary to refrain from hardoh the food and drink only liquids. You can use any liquid, without limiting the number of – meat and chicken broth (only natural, in any case not from sachets) herbal tea (without sugar), fruit, berry and vegetable juices, low-fat dairy products.
Fruits and vegetables juices to try to trim it toom-calorie, such as carrots or squash, or diluted by half with water. Also be sure to drink plenty of plain carbonated water. Everyone, not just losing weight, to make up for the loss of physiological organism must daily drink at least 2 liters of plain water – this will help to remove toxins and protect from dehydratingtion.

2nd day

The second day – vegetable. All day, eat only vegetables in the form of salads, salads, or a bit of sugar. During the day you can consume about 1.5 kilograms of vegetables in 4 – 5 accesses that will be, in spite of their large volume of only 800 – 1000 kcal. In salads toI'm allowed to improve the taste add a spoonful of vegetable oil, soy sauce, or a few drops of lemon juice.

Day 3

The third day – repeats first. Because drinking day the body is completely devoid of protein foods to avoid dizziness and poor samochuvsttions, do not plan to do hard physical labor, and get plenty of rest.

Day 4

The fourth day – fruity. Prepare a 2-3 kilogram of your favorite fruits except bananas and grapes, and eat every 2 hours 1-2 fetus. Do not make big breaksbetween meals, not to break, and do not forget to drink water.

Day 5

The fifth day – protein. Boil chicken breast, fish, shrimp and chicken egg (preferably consume protein), divide by 5 receptions and eat small meals throughout the day, avoiding silnogof hunger. From exercise to wait a little, despite the dietary intake of protein, so as the possibility of a strong sense of hunger, which is undesirable.

Day 6

The Sixth Day – drinking. Repeat the recommendations of the first and third days – Drink anyliquids, including water, and more rest.

7th day

Seventh Day – out of the diet. Full menu is combined with vegetables and   fruit consumed in the second and fourth day favorite diet with regular meals,Eat to lose weight, for example, with roasted meat or vegetable soup.

Exit after the diet gradually, not immediately jump on food, know the measure – it will help a long time to maintain the achieved weight and good health. In the future, not to sit on a diet for life, maintain weight through ezheneindividual days of discharge, the basis can take any of the most favorite days you favorite diet.
My favorite diet
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