The most difficult part in learning the Czech language


People often say that the Czech language is one of the most challenging in the world. But you should not believe in all this nonsense with difficult and easy languages. For example, speaking is not difficult to learn Czech, because both languages belong to same language family. However, the Englishman may find the Czech language is very difficult because the grammar structure and words are very different from English.

So today we decided to find out what is the most difficult for English-speaking students in the study of the language, but will tell us about this Anastasia Topilin - .


Slavic language

If you only know the Latin, the study of the Slavonic language for the first time will be for you extremely difficult. 7 declensions, which include not only verbs, but also nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and other things, very complex, and the actions that fall under each declension, often have no logic sense.


a Comprehensive grammar

According to some, the most difficult thing in learning the Czech language is the grammar, especially the use of different cases and conjugations, which are always changing word endings, etc.

From the point of view of English cases require time to think about the situation. In addition, formal use and perfect verbs are different and difficult to detect when listening to / use of the Czech language.

And some students, the most difficult in the study are the end - remember the right endings in the right case with the right pretext and getting the adjectives and nouns for agreement.


Pronunciation of consonants SIPS

Also, difficult part in learning the Czech language is the pronunciation differences between some of the letters in Czech and English alphabet. To see a few consonants together can also be scary and more like a tongue Twister! These obstacles soon seem insignificant when you consider that the Czech language has 7 cases for study, each of which has male, female and neutral value, then you need to consider the plural!

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