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today the Internet has billions of websites and they all are fighting for share of attention that people spend daily viewing in the Global Web. And if you plan to create a new resource, you need to remember that it needs to belong to one of the many categories of websites, perform a variety of tasks.

Next, we examine the most popular types of sites, and will tell us about this employee web-Studio "", where you can enjoy their development.

ecommerce Website (online shop)

This is a resource where people can directly buy goods. You may have already used several e-Commerce sites (they have the majority of big brands and many small). Any web site that contains a shopping cart and method of providing credit card information to make a purchase, falls into this category.

If you are setting up a website for your business and plan to sell their products through the site, you will need to create this type of website. When it is created it is mandatory to take certain steps, for example, to invest in software for e-Commerce and to obtain an SSL certificate to ensure secure payments your customers. Also you need to make sure that the design of your site created with the main goal - sales.

Web e-Commerce sites can be a Supplement to your real business or become a new business.



Is any web site devoted to the presentation of a specific business. It should be labeled as business (it has the same logo and positioning) and to report on the types of products and / or services offered by the business.

the above-Mentioned web e-Commerce sites are business sites, but it is also possible to have numerous business sites that do not sell anything directly, but rather encourage visitors to seek further information or go to the store if they are interested in becoming customers of the company.



If you think about your habits of browsing Internet pages, you can think about several web sites that you visit for entertainment purposes. It can be humorous sites, web comics or just sites with fun or interesting content.

Most of these resources are aimed at making money, as do the business websites and e-Commerce sites, but usually through advertising that appears on the page, not through the sale of certain products or services.

If you want to run an entertainment site, you have many options of formats you can use. You can make funny or informative videos, write interesting blog posts, to draw comics or create a fun quiz.

Since there are so many entertainment websites, you should expect that it will take some time and work to find their audience.



This is a resource to demonstrate examples of previous work. Service providers who want to show potential clients the quality of their work, can use a website portfolio to collect some of the best examples of the work performed. This type of website is easier to create than a business resource, and it is more focused on a specific task: collecting samples of work.

online portfolio Sites are most common among creative people and freelancers who are hired based on demonstrated skill and can be a more effective alternative to a business site that performs a similar task.



He gathers news or other stories. There is some overlap with entertainment web sites, but media sites are more likely to include reports in addition to or instead of the content is intended solely for entertainment.

Media sites, as a rule, earn on advertising, which appears on the website, subscription models, or their combination.

Many media sites are the online branch of media, which often exist in other forms (TV, radio, print magazines and Newspapers, etc.), and some exist only online.


Educational resources

this category includes the websites of educational institutions and those that offer online courses. These web sites have a main goal: to provide visitors with educational materials, or to provide them with information about the educational institution.


Personal website

Not all sites are there to anyway to make money on them. Many people find value in creating personal web sites to Express just my thoughts. This category includes personal sites, blogs and photo diaries that people are sharing with the world.

Sometimes these websites can turn into something that brings money, if they become popular enough, and the person who started them wants to do it, but first and foremost they exist as a way to share their feelings, ideas and art with their friends, and interested strangers.

Create a personal web site is simpler than most other web sites reviewed above. You just want to look the way you want and not worry about the sales promotion or earning on advertising. A few simple templates or an easy to use website Builder, that's all you need.


Web portal

This web site designed for internal purposes in business, organization, or institution. They gather information in different formats from different sources in one place to make all necessary information available to people who need to see it.

They often include a login and personalized views for different users, which ensures that the available information is most useful for their specific needs. Web portals typically include more complex programming and design than most of the other web sites described in this list.



Most people are familiar with the wiki via the most famous example: Wikipedia. But the wiki can be created on almost any topic you can imagine. A wiki is a web site where different users can collaborate on content, and they make adjustments and changes at their discretion. There is a wiki for fan communities, for business resources and valuable sources of information.

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