Recommendations on infant massage that you need to know?

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the advantages of baby massage are endless:

  • first, touch is so important for healthy child development.
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  • secondly, it helps them to grow physically and emotionally. The more you hold, touch and massage your baby, the better it will develop.
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  • third, baby massage can also help your child sleep better, improve his overall health and help you to bond.

Next, we consider the basic nuances, and tell us about this employee of the school masters massage, in which will teach you to do .


Steps to start baby massage:

  1. make Sure there are no distractions, turn on soft, soothing music.
  2. You will need a soft, firm surface to massage your baby. You should be comfortable, the back should be straight, especially when you lean forward. Start by sitting on the floor with your child in front of you. You can sit on cushion with crossed legs; kneel on a cushion on the floor and put a pillow on calf under the buttocks; or sit on a pillow, his legs on either side of the child.
  3. once you're ready to begin, remove the clothes and diaper of your child and put it in front of him kicks to the body.
  4. the room Temperature should be comfortable. If you feel comfortable in short sleeves, your baby will be fine, without heating. In very warm areas you can massage your baby on the street.
  5. Lay it on a clean, soft towel. Keep in mind that massage oil can stain the carpet or your clothes.
  6. Use easily absorbed pure oil with a gentle aroma that easily dispensed.

When is the best time for massage?

  • Just perfect is the time after bathing. If you bathe baby in the early evening, it will also help him relax and sleep better. You can massage him after a bath or lather his body.
  • do Not massage the child within one hour after feeding, as this may cause vomiting. However, don't wait until she gets hungry, as it will not itself and will not be able to enjoy this experience.
  • Change of diapers is also a good time, especially when children are a little older and hard to get to stay in one place.
  • Also a very good time for massage is game time.

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