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Find an office to rent for translation, the same difficult task, as for any other activity, and given the specifics of the business and possibly more difficult for the following reasons:

  • the number of foreign language schools, free computer tutorial videos and online translators is constantly growing, thereby increasing the number of people who speak foreign languages, especially English;
  • some customers pick freelancers providing services remotely at home;

    this business is not so profitable compared to others, rent of office may exceed revenues.

Given all these factors, we can conclude that for a successful business in this area is important, especially the location of the premises, and appropriate the rent.

Most commonly, clients come in translation with complex texts concerning law, pharmacy, engineering, science, business, Finance. Representation of companies working in these areas are located generally in the Central districts of Kiev in a presentable centers class A and b, which can be found on the resource offers offices for rent from the owners, without intermediaries. Therefore, it is logical to assume that for the comfort of customers, to rent office space for translation preferable in the center of the caves, Shevchenko and Podolsk district of Kyiv, where the highest concentration of the best business centers.

However, rents here are quite high and starts from 15 $/sqm Excluding utilities you have to pay for operating expenses that include such professional services as: protection, cleaning and maintenance of support systems, and their average cost will be around 2-3 $/sqm Why rent office space it is advisable if your company except for transfers ancillary services: legal, consulting, notary, travel, licensing and other.

the Alternative business is to rent the apartments converted into offices. In the center of Kiev, quite a lot of houses where the whole porches adapted exclusively for the conduct of commercial activities. The owners at their own expense carry out high-quality repairs, performed computer, power wiring, install air conditioners and Laundry on the first floor. The rent here is much lower than in professional buildings and no compulsory service charges. But there are drawbacks: housing is impossible to register a legal address may cause problems with the tenants, the complex numbering of houses in the center, can create problems when searching your office for customers.

not to make the wrong choice and not become a victim of fraud better to contact a professional real estate Agency will help to lease or rent an office lease, but will provide a supply of furniture from the warehouse in 24 hours.

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