Calibration of water meters: Why is it necessary?


Modern people are so accustomed to the comfort and benefits of civilization - electricity, water, heat. But minerals are not infinite and, as a result, the prices of natural resources, and the communal - is constantly growing. That is why, more than ever relevant is the question of their accounting. Next, we'll talk about such meters as the water meters.

Installed in your house the water meter, will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce your costs. But they have one major drawback - they are obsolete and break down, therefore, in order to test their performance on a legislative level provided for regular verification.

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When it is necessary to carry out the calibration of the water meter?

the Main point that has to be oriented with the calibration of water meters, is offensive imipraminovogo interval, which is set for all devices with no exception.

Often, the interval for counters for hot water is four years, and for counters on cold water for six years. Also, counters can break, fail, they can become clogged internal filter, etc. As a result, the meter starts to show incorrect data.

it is Worth noting that the distortion is both in smaller and in a big way. For example, in fact you spent 5 m3 of water, and the meter shows that the flow rate was 7 m3 of water. In the end, you will have to pay for water (2 m3), which you really haven't used!

that's why, for regular health checks of water meters and accuracy show their data, and provided their regular metrological verification.

If in fact counter to close my eyes and time does not hold, then utility bills for the water you will be assessed not on the basis of used in fact water, and accordingly to established norms. As a result, the amount on the bill increases a couple of times!

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