Sleep mask: What you need to know?


a Good, restful sleep, Deposit good mood and the human condition. It is impossible to imagine a well-rested person tired. It is the residents of large cities so lacking of good sleep, because the light from the street lamps, spotlights, neon advertisements and signs does not allow our eyes to relax even during sleep. This is due to the fact that our brain processes all the information received through the retina of the eye. Focus not on the light of lanterns, and deep sleep will help the mask.

What is a sleep mask?

sleep Mask is such a blindfold, which is both a beautiful accessory and protection for the eyes from light while resting. These sleep masks are made of very soft and delicate materials to avoid damage to the eyes. Only in complete darkness in the human organism produces the hormone melatonin. This is the main reason why eye patch for sleeping does not have to transmit light. There are many different types of masks:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • the
  • gel-inserts;
  • the
  • cosmetic.

Why do I need it?

  1. Light will no longer interfere with recreation or to influence the sleep phase, because the mask keeps it from view.
  2. you can sleep in any unusual place on a train, bus, plane, hotel, waiting room, in which there are sudden changes of lighting.
  3. If you change the time zone, or the transition from summer to winter, night mask facilitates the establishment of biological rhythms.
  4. Mask keeps the eyelids closed, thereby relieving tension from the eyes. It is very quickly getting used to it, and even forget that it is on the eyes.
  5. also it helps you to choose the time of day to relax, for example, if you need to sleep during the day.
  6. If you sleep in the sleep mask, your loved ones easier to understand what you are sleeping they need to be quieter. But beware, in their place, can be thieves or pranksters.
  7. And, of course, not to say that each model is a very beautiful accessory as all products are embroidered, silk, lace and you will look very cute in them.

How to choose a mask?

it is Very important to choose the right mask for you. So you need to pay attention to three main aspects:

  • what made beautiful mask for sleeping. Choose products made of natural fabrics: linen, silk or cotton. Silk has the most beneficial effect on the face. After all, when in contact with silk, the skin is smoothed and moisturized. This is due to the fact that silk is 90% protein.
  • How's she holding up in her eyes. Should pay attention to the fixing and fastening, to the mask not slipped during sleep. It can be elastic or drawstring. Most buyers who have appreciated the product, it is recommended to choose models with two rubber bands instead of one.
  • the color of the material. From the inside of the mask must be a dark color. But from the outside can be a fun picture or any colors. It can also be embellished with ribbons or embroidery. Here already it is necessary to take into account personal taste and preferences.

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