Naftalan oil and its field: the Story of the discovery of


in the 30 century, Marco Polo (world famous Explorer) visited the territory where now is located the Azerbaijan. About wrote a treatise called About the Great Tartary , which was first found title "" and is narrated from the fact that this area is a huge pit with an oily substance that is used as a food and for external use to cure different ailments of both humans and livestock .

In the 19th century the naphthalene was extracted from shallow oil wells that were dug by hand. But 1-I is a borehole was drilled German engineer Eerom in 1890 From the beginning, Mr. Eger was thinking to use Naftalan oil as fuel and lubrication material, but this idea failed, because the flame retardant characteristics of the carbon made it to the subsequent processing impossible. But the engineer drew attention to the local residents, who said they saw people bathing in Naftalan-filled artificial containers.

As a result, after a series of laboratory studies, Yeager learned about the healing properties of Naftalan oil and decided to build a small enterprise for production of ointment from the oil. And business will improve, because the ointment is the beginning of a very successfully sold in Europe.

In Russia, the 1st official mention of the properties of naphthalan oil was registered in 1896, in Tiflis, after the performance of F. G. Rosenbaum (Russian doctor) a report for the Caucasian med. community.

Mr. Rosenbaum actively used it for rheumatic pains, for the treatment of psoriasis, eczema chronic and acute forms, burns, all sorts of sprains and wounds. He argued that the Naftalan oil significantly accelerates the scarring and also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Two years later, at the Moscow dermatological society at the official level, was recognized as the work of Pospelov A. I. (famous Russian dermatologist), published in the journal Doctor the results of their research. He confirmed the effectiveness of this substance for the treatment of diseases Dermatoscope character.

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