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in this article, you will learn how to install Windows 7 on your computer, if there is still no other OS. This so-called clean install . Before beginning installation, verify that your computer meets the minimum system requirements:

  • for 32-bit system you need: processor with a frequency of above 1 Ghz, RAM 1 GB free disk space than 16 GB;
  • 64-bit system you need: processor with a frequency of above 1 Ghz RAM 2 GB free space on disk more than 20GB.
As you can see, the 64-bit system will require more resources, be careful!

the first stage of the installation, specify the computer that need to boot from the CD. For this we go to BIOS setup and change the boot order, I wrote more in the article about installing windows 7 on ssd a disk , there and pictures of the process there! What would it do during computer startup, when you see a black screen with white letters, just repeatedly press the Delete key on the keyboard. The figure shows at what moment to press the button.So you will be able to enter BIOS setup of your computer. To move through the menu use the arrow keys and the Enter key. Go to the tab Boot and select Boot Device Priority.

In the menu, change all values as shown in the figure. First boot device is hard disk, second CDROM. In that order should be put, because we are doing the installation on a new hard drive that does nothing. The computer first tries to boot from hard disk, finding files will be transferred to a compact disc. If you had previously installed a different OS, then you need to set CDROM as the first device. On many sites, including on the Microsoft website propose to put the first device to the CD, but it's not quite right, because the computer will only boot from the CDROM and continue the installation again will need to go into BIOS.

In the appearing small menu arrows to change values and when you're done, press F10 to Save and Exit save and exit. After all this the computer restarts and starts booting from the CD. Press any key and the boot process will go will continue. Then everything will happen automatically.

Then choose language settings and keyboard layout. Then click the Next button at the bottom right of the screen.

In this menu, you can read further instructions. But it is better to click the Install button in the middle of the screen.

On the next page you will be prompted to read the license agreement, which gives the right to the use of this product. Read and put the bird on the bottom left. The agreement is very long and the gist of it is that you are going to use OS personally, not passing anyone else.

In the next menu offers two options for installing the OS: update existing or complete installation. Choose full installation as we have not yet installed Windows so we create a new one.

Next you will be prompted to select the location where you installed Windows 7. Here you can format your existing hard disks or create new partitions. I recommend to put Windows on the C: drive because most programs and updates by default, always installed on this disk.

After this the computer will reboot and the installation will continue. Alternately execute the processes of copying files and installing components. On the status of implementation will be indicated by the green bird on the left. Your participation is not required, the machine will do everything.
When all processes are complete, there will be another reboot. Here you need to enter your name and give a name to your computer.

On the next page you can create a password for the computer that no one would except you couldn't access your documents. In the top field enter your password again below to confirm it. And at the bottom create a hint for your password in case you forget it. And better write it down somewhere in a notebook.

Another important step - you will be required to enter the product license key. You can find it on the box with the disc or it may be in the form of stickers. This key consists of 25 characters, letters and numbers. Dash, you need not the computer itself will do it. And put a tick next to Activate Windows. This will allow you to receive security updates for your OS.

Select the security settings for your computer. The first item for us will be the most suitable, as it will set important updates and overview of the Internet will become more secure.
On the next page you can configure the time and time zone and set the current date. Select day, year and press the Next button at the bottom right of the screen.

And now Windows 7 greets you with the standard phrase. Wait for the download.

All. The installation is fully completed and you are ready to work. Before you your beautiful and colorful desktop.

Here we have established a powerful modern OS. Of course it is a long process, because the system is very large.

If you have free space on the disk, use the emulation mode Windows XP, so most of the old programs may not work in Windows 7. To do this requires about 15 GB of disk space.

In principle, nothing complicated, at first glance, it may seem, good luck to everyone!

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