Fog lights: Who needs them?

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the Front fog lights are not standard equipment, and there really is a lot of confusion concerning how and when to use them. Let's see what they are, and will tell us about the main reactor the site where you can read about them in more detail.


Fog: What you need to know?

In contrast to the dipped and main beam, which are both actively used by all owners, fog lights really only useful in a small number of very specific situations. The fact that they are specifically designed for use in bad weather conditions and other situations where visibility is greatly reduced due to haze, fog, or even sand and dust in the air.

the Main argument in favor of fog lights is that regular headlights, especially high beam, have a tendency to be reflected in the eyes of the driver. This dangerous situation can be avoided by incorporating the fog lamps.

Further confusion is the misconception that all fog lights are yellow, and the fact that many aftermarket suppliers use the terms fog light and driving lights for the same product or offer the combined fog lights and driving . The term driving lights is actually a phrase that sometimes refers to the headlights, sometimes referred to as the auxiliary lights, which are used mainly for off-road movement, and can even refer to the lights sold for use in the fog.

But the front fog lights are a kind of automobile headlights, which are designed to emit light in a beam beam. The beam is usually calculated on a drastic circumcision on top, and the actual lights are usually mounted low and toward the ground at an acute angle.

the Position and orientation of the fog lamps can be compared with the beam to precisely determine how different these seemingly similar devices. Headlights high beam and low beam are aimed at a relatively small angle, which allows them to illuminate a road surface at a large distance in front of the vehicle. On the contrary, the acute angle used fog lights, means that they only illuminate the ground immediately in front of the vehicle.

Some fog lights produce selective yellow light, and there is a relatively common misconception that all fog lights have yellow bulbs, yellow lenses, or both. In fact, selective yellow was actually used for fog lights and normal lights at different points throughout the history of the car. Therefore, while some fog lights produce selective yellow light, a white produce. In fact, it beamed a ray of light and how it is sent, makes headlight fog light, not the color.

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