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Today, no one would contradict the fact that the mass mailing of the SOC. networks, in particular Facebook, is one of the most convenient and cheap methods of advertising. For those who buy a special software that emails is generally free, but before you do it yourself it is better to think 100 times, because if you do something wrong the result will be lock your account.


the Main issues you need to know about mass distribution in the VC

today, SPAM is considered to be on the Internet the same information, even if the latter were written in different styles in different words. But sometimes, such distribution is "vitally" important, for example, when it is necessary to hold an event, implement a new product, etc.

VK has a negative attitude towards spam and punishes its use. And blame the fact that this is stopping ordinary users of social networks, and indeed many people from any advertising, especially very cheap, nyone are just "sick". In addition, the VC network has a great commercial potential because it was initially developed neposredsvenno for monetization, so the moderators punish the advertising of specific sanctions.

Today mass mailing of promotional advertisements is obsolete advertising method for selling different services and goods. 10 years ago, when e-mail spam only became fashionable, "exhaust" from the email delivery was 500 %. Today, he is a useful impact, zavisemosti from the relevance of the advertised goods and services shall be made 2 %.

Directly in the VC mass mailing of advertising messages is 1 of the surest ways to obtain the BAN of the account (sometimes even life). It will be enough for the 1st complaints to the moderators for SPAM from some of the recipients of this advertising.


Whom to trust advertising in the VC?

Here you can go 3 ways:

  1. Use the dedicated software. In this case you buy special software, learn to use it, enter the text of the announcement, the software finds the appropriate recipients and then with one click you can send the ad to thousands of recipients. In this case, you need to spend money buying software and the time for teaching him that not everyone is perfect.
  2. distribution of Manual. Then you manually create a text (with it individually for each separate addressee), search for suitable recipients, send a message and have a dialogue with poluchaem. This is a very difficult method in terms of time, physical and moral costs and that's taking into account the fact that sometimes after the work done can be zero result.
  3. Paid mass mailing. The most effective variants is a professional advertising VK under key, which offer specialized services, for example, MmoAdvert. In this case, all work performed by specialists in this field. You only pay for the number of sent messages. The advantages of this method are: the absence of unnecessary time and money costs, no Ban of your account. Because the distribution is carried out only on the walls of the communities that are directly Bizkit the topic of your project, you will receive passive traffic, to increase brand. of Brenda and new customers.


From the foregoing it can be concluded that better self not to do mass mailings advertising the VC, and to entrust it to professionals. Only in this case you get expected result and will protect your account from locking.

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