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Many people were taught as a child the prayer of the guardian angel, asking him to illuminate, protect and guide us. Devotion to one's guardian angel should be felt more deeply than simply reading a prayer. Although not specifically stated, that each of us, baptized or not, has a guardian angel from birth, but it is taken for granted. By the way, if you need , then you can buy it on the website https://artstonedon.com.ua/.

the Angels help us in many ways. They act as messengers from God and communicate his will for us, for example, angels were sent to the virgin Mary, the Holy Abraham, and countless others. The Church teaches us that at times the angels are given the power to make big things, such as when Saint Peter was freed from prison by an angel. Our guardian angels can even send messages to other people. They also pray and intercede for us with God, about Chom said the main catechism. In addition, they have the ability to affect our will and intellect, and direct our thoughts and actions the most subtle ways. In the moments when we feel a profound sense of loneliness and abandonment, we can calm down, because our guardian angel is always with us.

Separate parishes, chapels and cities have their own guardian angels, which are no less devoted or powerful. The Tridentine mass includes a prayer to the angel guardian of the Church or the chapel where you recite the mass, and calls it protection. As a result, the parish is under the careful supervision and protection of a powerful guardian angel. While parishioners can pray for their priests and, perhaps, sisters and other parishioners, they can also still praying guardian angel coming to protect these people, as well as the building itself. It is a powerful protection offered by these angels, and which, perhaps, unrecognized status on behalf of and appreciated.

October 2 is the feast of the guardian angels, the day when we can thank them for their service. It is a good day to visit the Masses and instilling the love of our children to their guardian angels!

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