Transportation in direction of Russia-Kazakhstan: What you need to know?

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the delivery of goods from Russia to Kazakhstan and Vice versa has become easier since 2011, after signing between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan the agreement about the Customs Union . This document became fundamental in the regulation of transportation between these 3 countries.

depending on the desires of the client and the cargo delivery from Russia to Kazakhstan can be carried out by several methods, about which we will tell the employee of the exchange of transportation "Avtotransinfo" that allows you to find and send the passing in Kazakhstan.


rail transportation

Main "+" rail transport is a high precision. Trains leave and arrive exactly on schedule and they are not afraid of any vagaries of weather.

it is True they have and "-". By rail it is possible to transport oversized or bulk cargoes only in Aktobe, Astana, Atyrau, Almaty, Aktau, Uralsk, Karaganda, Temirtau, and other large cities of Kazakhstan. In all other cases truck transportation.


Road freight

Machine for a long time have their niche in the market of a cargo transportation between Russia and Kazakhstan. They are simply irreplaceable, when the delivery point situated far from the airport and railway. Machines make it possible to deliver cargo from door to door and to avoid additional unloading /loading.


General cargo

Such goods are sent to the associated machine, and going to the consolidation warehouse. Such goods is very beneficial for the client, as it provides an opportunity to significantly save money, because it pays neposredsvenno for a place in the car, which is occupied by its cargo, but not for the whole machine.


Air freight

This type of transportation is suitable for those who value speed of delivery. For example, you need to get a very perishable commodity, which is subjected to deep freezing is strongly not recommended, otherwise, it will simply lose its properties. Air transportation in this case will be very helpful. There is one "but" - the speed will have to overpay (airfreight is the most expensive form of transportation).


Multimodal transportations

This is freight transport in which cargo is used a couple of different types of transport. For example, part of the way the cargo is transported by road and part railway or air. This method is used when any other scheme unprofitable or simply impossible.

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