Hemorrhoids - a disease of civilization

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Hemorrhoids is a real scourge of modern humans, since, according to medical statistics, suffer from this disease in varying degrees, almost half the population of civilized countries. But, given the delicacy and intimacy problems, a doctor treated, as a rule, only when Bolezn gets neglected forms and is accompanied by severe pain and significant deterioration of health.

Doctors – proctology, specialists in the treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum, does not tire of repeating that timely access to a doctor, early diagnosis and prevention of bHandy allow 90% to avoid surgery or non-surgical minimally invasive methods do.

Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids, everyone should know about the reasons that lead to the development of the disease, its first symptoms and prevention methods. Causes of hemorrhoids are extensive enough – Naslidstvennaya predisposition acquired bad habits of civilization (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle), the presence of internal medicine and.

The main factors of hemorrhoids:

• sedentary lifestyle, resulting in the phenomenon of stagnationtion in the pelvic area, leading to the appearance of hemorrhoids;
• sedentary work;
• excessive exercise and long distance on his feet;
• chronic constipation leads to the fact that a person has to much strain during defecation, excessively increasing intra-abdominal pressure;
• alcohol and acuteI strongly foods irritate the rectum and contribute to its inflammation;
• Pregnancy and childbirth are often the starting point in the development of the disease, as the growing fetus pinched vessels in the pelvis, leading to excessive expansion of the veins and the appearance of painful piles.

, which should pay close attention and notify to consult a doctor, following – itching, burning and feeling the presence of a foreign body in the anus, a slight discharge of blood and mucus in the act of emptying. These symptoms are typical for the first initial stage of the disease whento cope with it pretty simple.

If a person does not pay attention to the first bells, the disease progresses and becomes the next stage, in which the hemorrhoids begin to fall from the anus, much bleed and hurt. Sometimes, because of the fear appeal to doctors, people reasonYat himself to such a state, when the rectal bleeding begins the real, the pain is so strong that a person can not walk or lie down, and the operation is imminent.

In order to prevent such unfortunate host of events, about your health very carefully observe Profileskticheskie doctors' recommendations and do not allow yourself to disease.

Methods of preventing hemorrhoids:

• Eat right, turn the menu sufficient amount of dietary fiber and fiber. Eat plenty of raw vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals and kislomoloch-products. Avoid the use of alcohol.
&Bull; Drink plenty of water at least 2 liters a day.
&Bull; Fight with constipation, try to get regular bowel opoprozhneniya.
&Bull; Do not overeat, and always maintain a healthy weight – This will help protect the veins and joints from excessive stress.
• BAlways lead an active lifestyle, move more, do not sit long in one position. Include in your daily gym complex exercises for hemorrhoids – it will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and relieve you from further serious problems.

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