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Cars to lease

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All interested parties are invited to buy from the leading manufacturers on the most favorable conditions - the company "Our lease" on the Russian market the products of JSC "Pavlovsky Bus", Ltd. "Likinsky bus", OAO "KurganBus Factory "and many others.

Our clients are companies and public services, are engaged in transportation of people in the city or suburbs. Cars , which we have in stock, have a high nRugged design and reliable long life.

In addition to the comfortable transportation of passengers in the Tula region and beyond, we offer our customers long distance Cars . Our main task - to take into account all the requirements and nozhelaniya customer and choose the best option.
Today Cars in the lease - the most popular service on the market, but in our company you can not only buy bus technology but also pay for repairs to the service organization "Our lIsing ".

Sale of spare parts for cars

Sale of spare parts for cars - one of the main activities "Our leasing." Our company appeared in the Russian market for a long time. With many years of experience, responsible approach to their work, professionalism employees, we have quickly won the respect and trust of our potential customers. We work mainly for those who have a fleet of vehicles, which needs periodic updating and maintenance. We can buy different models of buses from the best domestic and import manufacturers.

Plusthroughout the company opened a service center where professionals implement repair of any complexity. You can order a comprehensive service. The prices for the services we are average in Tula. If you decide to cooperate with us, call us by phone on this site. We are looking for an individual approach to each client.

If you are interested in selling Parts in Tula, that the company "Our leasing" is pleased to offer you our services. We have opened many years ago and initially traded trucks and spare parts. Then our company received official dealerships Auto SalesThe abundance of PAZ, KAvZ, lyases, GolAZ, Ikarus, MAN and Volvo. Here you can buy not only the necessary model of the car, but also spare parts to it.

If you need repair, then you open our service almost in the center of the city of Tula.

All of our customers are satisfied with the quality supplys our cars and high level of service, and we hope you will soon be one of them. We take a responsible approach to their work, so for all the activities of our reputation as a reliable partner remained impeccable. The company employs real professionals who can give advice and guidance.

Withotrudnichaya with us, you save your time and money.

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