Shoulder pain: why you should not delay with the visit to the doctor

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the Shoulder is one of the most movable bone joints in the human body. It takes a lot of daily stress, which provides a full existence. With age, excessive physical exertion or due to various injuries may appear pain in the shoulder, bringing a lot of trouble man. Any joint pain, regardless of its origin, the reason to immediately seek medical assistance to avoid complications. Timely response is always key to a positive outcome in the treatment of disease.

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Possible consequences and complications of the disease goes untreated shoulder

Injuries, bruises, sprains, fractures, consequences of virus infection, improper exercise, excessive physical load, heavy and very long weight training: it all ends in pain in the joint. Whatever the cause of the pain may be, it is crucial to consult a doctor. Only in this case, perhaps the full restoration of the joint in the shortest possible time.

Many people are faced with pain in the shoulder, in no hurry to seek help, hoping that eventually it was all gone. Indifference to health in this case is fraught with the development of dangerous complications that could ruin the quality of life of the patient.

the Most common consequences of not cured injuries:

  • Contractures (limitation of movement in the joint), resulting from prolonged immobilization of bone joining the shoulder;
  • the
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • the
  • pulmonary embolism (blockage of blood clots), leading to some cardiovascular disease;
  • the
  • habitual dislocation, which is a consequence of running, not timely cured sprains. In this case, there is a constant displacement of bone at every sharp movement of the hand.

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