How to become a cosmetologist?


the Decision to become a cosmetologist is very exciting! But above all, it is very important to make sure that the beauty you like, you're infatuated, you're going to make a career in this field, that is what you love to do. Next, we consider z where to begin and tell us about this fellow of the Kyiv school Kosmotreyd, you can take courses in "".

First of all, find out what cosmetology schools are in your area, what their curriculum is and how much they cost.

next, learn how school of beauty will take into account your schedule. The majority of programs of cosmetology has a capacity of 35-40 hours per week, so if you work full time, it can make you difficulties.

Next mandatory walk tour of the school in which you are interested. Come back with a list of questions and if something does not suit you then visit another school, unless, of course, you are burdened with work.


What to ask?

by Visiting our cosmetology school, you should ask the following:

  1. How's the training?
  2. What is a curriculum?
  3. How many of their students do complete the program and whether they work in the field of cosmetology?
  4. is there school after graduation education for former students?
  5. Helps the school to find a job after training?

If you think you have found a suitable school for you, and you are ready to take a course of cosmetology, then you need to think about why you want this and what you plan to do with their education. It is not necessary to enroll in a beautician course, because you like to curl your hair and any other frivolous reasons. The courses You will need to learn the basics of anatomy, chemistry, electricity and color theory. You will have to sit in lectures, take notes, pass the exams and doing homework. You will need to develop good interpersonal and communication skills.

After you complete the cosmetology program, the next step is passing the exam in order to graduate. It can be written / standardized test and / or practical. And only after its completion you will officially be a certified cosmetologist.

If all the above does not scare you, enroll in a beautician course and go for it granite this exciting profession!

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