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Sex, no matter how much we tried to say otherwise, in fact, plays an important life in our life, especially because you can always buy generics in Moscow and to relax at the end of a hard working week with a wife or mistress. Considering all the events of a person through filter, quantitatively and qualitatively determining the degree of usefulness of this or that event, it is recognized that, like sleep, eating, and sexual activity leading to the discharge, is extremely important for the body. If woman can take a short period without sex, without labor, that nature did not give men this opportunity with prolonged abstinence in men is the so-called nocturnal erections . At this point, the man often has erotic dreams and twisted the body so much from penis sperm, this process is called the emission (from the Latin word pollutio Marani, package, pollution). At this moment, a part of semen stain underwear (in the absence of the bed).

Men can produce sperm until old age, so they need to be able to discharge (albeit infrequent in the elderly). However, even when men produce sperm, testosterone level does not allow them to have a full erection, which will allow them to perform a sexual act. Here and useful man , of course, if you do not have additional diseases that prevent techniques of of this drug.

of Course, before you start taking a drug, it is better to consult a doctor. This will avoid a situation where the medication will have a double effect of helping to strengthen the potency, viagra can easily overload the heart and blood vessels, which can cause both reversible and irreversible changes in one of the most important systems of the body.

we have to admit that before the release of the drug Viagra manufacturer conducted some pretty serious testing of this drug and they have confirmed its high efficiency in relaxing smooth muscles the pelvic area. It is possible to increase the fullness of blood to the penis, leading to enhancement of the effect of potency to the maximum value. Along with this were identified and side of the drug: overdose or a slight increase of the dose occurs sensory hypersensitivity and flushing to the face. There is some noise in the ears, mild disorders of visual recognition of colors and increased heart rate. But diseases (most middle-aged men) that prevent taking the drug there, so if they wish, that this excellent drug like Viagra online pharmacy, they are always waiting for and if you need sex apply light pressure.

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