What are the entry doors?


Choosing the right front door is important to increase the safety and style of your home. This is the first and most notable impression visitors get before they went inside, and the front door tell them something about your home and your family. This is what we'll talk further and tell us about this employee Window-Discount , in which you can buy .


front door: What should it be?

Your front door should be resistant to wind, rain and sun, and to protect against potential intrusions, and to produce the impression on others. Old doors, which are mostly made of wood or veneer that eventually can deform, crack and flake. Even metal doors can erode and flake off.

In modern materials and construction there are many options, including glass panels, decorative elements and necessary level of security. Today's best materials include metal and fiberglass, and can cost even cheaper than the old model.


Varieties of doors

most of the doors are made from one predominant material, with other materials, potentially used in the frames and the decoration (for example, a steel door can have a wooden frame). The main material is the visible surface of the door which will be more likely to differ in appearance, security, durability, and price. Most popular front door it:

  1. Wooden. They traditionally are the most common, and give you a wide selection of styles and types. A wooden door can be a beautiful, natural finish, durable if it is made of solid wood and stylish. Materials for such doors serve the following trees: oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, Hemlock and pine. Previously, traditional door was mostly solid wood, to date, the majority of them are wood veneer with a veneer of wood. The advantage of veneer is that it is not expanded and will not shrink like solid wood and usually cheaper. These doors can be painted and allow more detailed cutting and forming;
  2. Steel. These doors are generally more reliable and durable than wood, and give you more opportunities for decorative glass accents. Most dents or minor damage can be easily repaired. Steel doors also cost less. Depending on the model, they usually have an inner wooden or steel frame. Cavities can be filled with insulation foam and available with a baked polyester coating;
  3. glass fibre-composite. These doors are very durable and require virtually no maintenance, which is a good option for more extreme or humid environments. They can be decorated with wood and even painted. They usually contain a wooden frame, which is introduced in isolation, and they're surprisingly affordable.

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