What is injection molding machine?


Most currently available material for the production of various products is plastic. Its scope is so broad, that to describe it simply very difficult to describe in one article.

Often used with hot plastic, and to work with it is used a special machine - injection molding machine (IMM), which you can use to pour out the details of a particular geometric shape. By the way, and you can buy directly on the website https://hur-mak.ru.


Injection: Key benefits

When we talk about the advantages of injection molding, first and foremost, I must say that it provides for eighty per cents one automation production of plastic parts. And this, in turn, is a huge "+" in comparison with the same machines that process metal and wood.
Now there are 2 classes of IMM:

  • vertical
  • horizontal.

In vertical machines, the molten material is fed in the vertical plane and horizontal, respectively, in the horizontal plane. These devices have their own pros and cons and successfully used for the production of various plastic products.

Huge selection of TPA to date, offers China. Despite the General opinion that products from China are of poor quality, their machines are very reliable and can be used for a long time (of course, if a systematic maintenance). As a leader in the industry with these units is the Turkish company "H RMAK Plastik Otomotiv Makine Imalat Sanayi A. S.", which produces injection molding machines for over 50 years.


Process of manufacturing of specific plastic part

Production details of their plastic on a project specific basis as follows:

  1. Immediately after receiving the project, made press that fits the particular type of machine;
  2. Next, the mold is checked with hot plastic (the raw material cost is so small that simply does not make sense to pour the test sample from the paraffin or wax). Important: the plastic used in injection molding machines in the future cannot be used as recycled! And all because after passing the thermal treatment of plastic completely changes the structure. Therefore, at the end of life parts made in the TPA, simply recycled.

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