How to change the strap on the Apple Watch?


You want to change the look of your iWatch every time you change their appearance or cover for iPhone, iPhone coordinating and strap iWatch? All the Apple Watch straps are interchangeable between models, so if you bought a "smart watch", you may have quite a lot of hours on your wrist, you just need to know how to change them on the strap. For example, replacement sports watch strap vintage leather belt or casual belt from nylon fabric with stylish Italian leather only takes a few seconds. By the way, in Moscow to buy straps for the Apple Watch in online store .

Are the straps of the Apple Watch model?

First, check the width of your gadget. All iBands interchangeable between models and fit's Series 1 or Series 2. Just remember that the 42-millimeter bands are too large for a 38-mm iWatch, while 38-mm bands can be used with 42 mm-diameter case, with a small space on the sides.

what the Apple Watch can replace the strap?

Many owners of the Apple Watch regularly replace your strap iWatch, and some even collect belts of different colors and materials. For example, if you bought Apple Watch Nike sports band for sports, you may want to replace it with another - for everyday or for formal occasions. Or, if you received a gift of a luxury Apple Watch Herm s, you might prefer to change the belt when you're spending the day with the kids or go for a walk.

How to choose a suitable strap?

to choose the perfect option in the first place, note the case material (aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic). Also crucial is the color of the body. You have to coordinate them... or let your imagination create your individual colour combination.

How to remove the strap of the Apple Watch?

to remove the strap of the Apple Watch, the gadget, place face down on a clean soft surface to prevent scratching. On the rear panel you will find two buttons for 2 inserts of the group. This button releases the strap. Hold one of the buttons, slide it across to remove it. To replace the watch strap in the correct position, start with the details with buckle.

How to replace watch strap?

Put on a new belt by inserting and sliding the adapter on the side until you hear a click: this will lock your seat belt in the correct position.

It needs to be at the center of the body to be blocked. If you do not hear a click, try gently to move the belt left or right until you are sure that it is locked. If you are not sure, click, remove the belt and try again.

Do the same with the other part of the belt and with another button. Slowly ' s strap up and down to be sure that it does not slip.

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